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  1. Download: Shoutbox

    Thanks Michael.. you're right. I deleted all the cache and now it works.. Thanks again :drool:
  2. Download: Shoutbox

    Hi Michael, it works great on IE 9 , but on Firefox 12.0, the shoutbox is not working.. It looks like JS is not updating the shout Any idea ?
  3. Download: Shoutbox

    Thanks for your quick reply.. I will try that and ley you know. Have a great day Michael :zorro:
  4. Download: Shoutbox

    Thanks Thanks Michael. I already did that, but no success. Do i have to deleted also in the db ? What is the best way to remove it and reinstall Shoutbox ? Thanks again
  5. Download: Shoutbox

    Hi, i have a couple of issues with the shoutbox on my IPB 3.3.2 If i go in the DB Customizer, i got this Could not find Setup directory for the 'IP.Shoutbox' application. Could not find XML directory for the 'IP.Shoutbox' application. And nobody is able to add entry in the shoutbox since i upgrade IPB to 3.3.2 Any idea ? Thanks
  6. IPB 2.3.1 to IPB 3.0.0 Upgrade

    Hi..i suggest you to open a ticket in IPB customer area. They will do it the right way and you will be safe. Buzz