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  1. 43 minutes ago, Miss_B said:

    Ips is very quick and efficient providing support from what I have seen. Maybe your ticket got lost in the array of other tickets?

    In meanwhile, can you tell us step by step how did you run the converter? If you log in and check the database where your Ipb forum resides on, is the content from your MyBB forum in there?

    No, nothing in my database from the old forum.

    I entered the info into the converter but the paths to my old forum were not working so I sent a ticket to my host for clarification.  The next morning, I went to continue the conversion  and it popped up a message that it was converting and then finished!  In less than 1 second!  Now I am unable o start a new MyBB conversion as it says that I have already completed it.  And now I am stuck!


    ETA...I just got a reply back from IPS...they tracked down my issue, fixed it and will be adding it to the next release!  They also removed the failed conversion so I can try again!  But it will have to wait until tomorrow morning now...I have to head home from work!

  2. 30 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

    What do you mean with “haven’t done anything?” It’s normal if they’re not shown in the frontend because the permissions aren’t set yet.

    Do you see any imported members and forums in the ACP or are they missing there too? Please submit a ticket if they’re missing there, if not, please just review the forum permissions 🙂 

    Yeah nothing.  No forums, no members...nothing.  I have a ticket in now.

  3. Hi guys, I am trying to convert from MyBB to IPB but I cannot get the full paths to MyBB installation to work on the converter.   There are 3 instances that I need to fill...emoticons, members and attachments.

    I did install IPB on the same server as the MyBB forum...it is actually in same directory (7173mustangs.com) but I installed IPB in 7173mustangs.com/forums (new directory)

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    ScreenHunter_678 Jun. 05 16.35.jpg

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