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  1. What could be causing my emoji selector window to open and populate super slow?  It only seems to happen with the Twitter style Emoji...when I set it to Native style, it populates much faster.  I can just stick with native style but I wonder what is causing he issue with Twitter style?


  2. Is it normal that my main map and mini-profile map show full hover cards in the marker pop-ups but the map view from the activity notification that is created when a member adds a marker is a plain white popup with just a username?


    ScreenHunter_705 Jul. 01 10.26.jpg

    ScreenHunter_706 Jul. 01 10.27.jpg

  3. I used the resource manager to add the BG image and added the CSS to the custom.css template but it still killed it??

    To be specific, the css is still in place but the resource is gone!

    ETA...I think the actual code changed from B4 to B5 because what I edited in global.css is completely gone!  It was this:


  4. I just uploaded 4.5 B5 and it went smooth but the auto upgrader identified the 1 small css change I made in global to adjust the header icon spacing and wiped it out along with my header background image and logo.  Not a major deal but it will suck if this happens every time there is an upgrade...is there anyway I should be adding a header BG to default theme so it doesn't get borked every time?

  5. 56 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    It is for IPS 4.4. You shouldn’t try it in a not compatible version or at least ask before. 

    Since this is a test install, delete the tutorials folder in /applications via FTP and drop its table from your database. You should delete the tutorials rows from core_applications table too.

    Thanks!  I learn something everyday, LOL!!

  6. @Adriano Faria

    I was messing around with an old copy of Tutorials 2.1.0 RC4 and installed it in my 4.5 Beta 4 test board just to see what would happen...well it didn't work as I assumed but now I can't delete it!  Every time I try, I get a white screen in the ACP.  Hit the back button and refreshes OK but the app is still there.  Any idea how to get it uninstalled? 

  7. Aren't there some kind of badges on the bottom of avatars in 4.5?  Maybe they could be utilized for a banned tag of some type?  Look at the tag on my avatar...it even has a nice tool tip explaining what it is.


    ETA...Jumping ahead, I guess...this might be an option for 4.5 but not current builds, LOL!

  8. I have a Banned group in my forum that came over from my old MyBB conversion...all the members are tagged with the IPB Banned tag but they are also in a group with a custom group icon.  But yeah, as mentioned above...I would have to manually move newly banned members into the group which is not an option for me either.  Now I have to decide to delete the banned members and banned group or try to move the banned members into the member group and see if they continue to keep banned status?

    Following for more ideas...

  9. I purchased Donations but it seems to be having some issues with member reward promotions and ACP logging...started a help ticket on Devfuse but no reply in over 5 days!  Does anyone know if Mike is OK. 

  10. I ran into an issue posting Paypal Order Now buttons in a post...the HTML displayed fine, but the button launched the browser back to the first page of the thread??  I had to create a temp HTML page to link to the item's thread for now.  What could be wrong?  The code obviously works but not on IPS?


    Here is a test post I set up on my live board...when you click ADD TO CART, it should start to open paypal but as you can see, it sends you back to the post instead...


  11. 2 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

    There's no sidebar widget for this in the core!

    They can update their status from the create menu or from their profile once they activated the status updates!

    None of my groups have Status in the create menu and I do have a sidebar widget on my index page?  How do members activate status?


    ETA...I see the on/off button in member's profile.  Is there any ACP setting to turn them on by default?

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