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  1. 54 minutes ago, opentype said:

    So write an article and explain it to them. 😉 I can easily link  one post and another from this topic. Other than the “that’s how we always did it”, there really is no advantage in having me retrieve post numbers and then having every user manually trying to navigate to those numbers. 

    It's not that they were using post numbers to navigate to them...members that were follow a large topic would just remember what posts they were at, how many new posts were after a certain post, etc.  Post numbering worked as a kind of 'timeline' within a topic!

    43 minutes ago, Matt said:

    What would you do when posts are deleted? Renumber the posts so that "check out post 4 with the answer" no longer points to the actual answer (it's now post 3) - or leave gaps in the numbering so it's obvious when content has been merged, deleted or moved?

    We try not to delete any posts because of what it does to the context of a thread!  Obviously, we delete spam posts or rule violation posts which basically would result in skipped numbering.  Never seemed to be an issue.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    Because it can be confusing as post #3 to a user can be the post #7 to a moderator, for example. I mean, if you have hidden posts, etc., the sequence won’t be the same for everybody.

    Yeah, I can see that point...I don't use hidden posts much but I'm sure others do.  My forum has a lot of "how to" tutorial for auto restoration and members used to referenced individual posts inside a whole thread.  Maybe the Bookmarks Ap would be a good fit for my members?  They would be able to bookmark the important posts for later use!


  3. I don't think we need anything like 'Stories" in IPB, I still can't figure out what the Status Updates age good for!  My members seem to get confused and try to post regular posts in the status updates, they treat Blogs as regular posts instead of creating blog type posts...I'm sure stories would just be misused as well!  As a matter of fact, I wish there was a way to convert status updates and blog posts into regular threads, but that is a different topic!

    I strongly believe that forums need to COMPETE with social media but NOT BECOME social media!


  4. 35 minutes ago, Jim M said:

    Are, at minimum, 5 of those 10 posts in a single topic and within 60 minutes of each other?


    I think I got it working...the widget was missing from where I thought it was.  Is the widget the only place the popular now topics appear?  No icon designation or highlight like a popular post gets?

  5. 1 hour ago, Davyc said:

    There could be several factors in play here:

    • Cookies not being set/saved correctly
    • User has instructed the browser to delete all browsing data when closing
    • User deletes browsing data through an application
    • Installation corruptions

    Instead of logging out, just ask the user to close the browser window and, assuming none of the above apply then when s/he returns all should be as it was left.

    It only seems to be this one user complaining about this issue...I don't think it as anything to do with he forum at this point.  I do have him doing some testing to see what is going on.  He might even be trying to access the forums on a private browser at work when this happens. 

    Thanks for the feedback...definitely gives me some factors to check in order to help this user out!

  6. Is there any way we could get a new setting in Announcements that would let you select to open a URL link in a new tab or the same tab? 

    I link to a lot of internal pages in my announcements and it is kind of silly to have them open new tabs every time!

    Also, some formatting for titles and title only would be great!

    Just some ideas...Thanks!

  7. Wow!  Thanks to this post, I just discovered Announcements!  Like you guys said, I rarely use the ModCP, but there is some useful stuff in there.  I need to make a habit of using it!

    I'd also love to see a few upgrades to Announcements...

    1. Ability to change the Font Awesome Icon
    2. Use the Font Awesome Icon on the floating bar and content bar.  Side bar announcement looks GREAT!
    3. Add title formatting (might be able to use HTML, I didn't try yet.

    But yeah, I am diggin' it!  One less application to maintain!

  8. 47 minutes ago, DoorMadeEasy said:

    im looking the options  that i can use the  easy mod for editing  the theme from where i can start using it ?

    Note: You can launch the visual editor at any time, even long after you've created the theme. However, if you convert an Easy Mode theme to a normal theme, you can't go back and use the visual editor.

    If you don't see the button for easy editor, your theme either doesn't have it or was already converted to normal...here is some more info on Easy Mode:


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