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  1. 26 minutes ago, Joy Rex said:

    @Anawa - thanks, that helped me too.

    Is there any better way to display this? As a sidebar, it eats up 25% of the horizontal screen real estate, and as a box under the first post it also fills a lot of space. Is there any way to make it a collapsible sidebar?

    The information is useful, but not at the cost of screen real estate.

    I was thinking the same thing!  I like the info and wanted it on every post but not using up that much space!  I would also like to see a entry field that self populates with usernames that posted in this post...when you get to who you are looking for, click the name to show that member's (or your own) posts within this topic!  That would be helpful for longer topics!

  2. 13 hours ago, derpunker said:

    Thanks for the great map! 🙂

    I'm just migrating for the MemberMap to the CommunityMap and found problem.
    All links going to the MemberMap are now dead. 😞


    Has some an idea to fix this dead links?


    Thanks in advance.

    The name changed to /communitymap

    You may have to create a new nav link in your menu manager to get it to show.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    I have no idea, mate. I didn’t add this, IIRC. I’ll take a look when I have to upgrade the app. That is a cosmetic thing and it isn’t crashing your board, so it can wait. 👍

    Ok thanks!  Might just be a fluke too!  I still have a bunch of posts to convert but this is the only one so far that was odd. 

  4. 19 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    I have no idea. I don’t remember of a similar situation. Probably enough just to edit and hit save without change anything in the post. It should embed the images. 

    I looked at the source code for he image link and it has a ipsnoembed=true in it...

    <a href="http://members.dodo.com.au/~jimniki/hidden_wiring/hw-1a.jpg" ipsnoembed="true" rel="external nofollow">http://members.dodo.com.au/~jimniki/hidden_wiring/hw-1a.jpg</a>

    I tried several times to edit and save but still just links...no embedded images.

  5. I hate to be a pain, but something else weird just happened...

    I converted a post over that had hot linked images in it.  The images were embedded in the post, but he new tutorial just linked them instead of embedding them.  I'm not sure this is even an issue, maybe that is just how it has to be with conversions?

  6. 30 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    Sure, add a review. 🙂

    It isn't clickable, it isn't a rating system like a topic. The stars are the average of the "stars" give per review, just like on Downloads.

    Ok I got it...I saw the stars pop up but I didn't notice the Reviews Tab next to the comments tab!  Thanks again for a great app!

  7. I just found a new problem...when I got to create a new tutorial,  it is populating the content field with the text from the first post that I turned into a tutorial!  It is doing the same in every category. 

  8. 20 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    No. Like any other app, the author is who submit the tutorial. You can create a required custom field and people will fill it with that information. 

    EDIT: Ah, you mean the post author to be the tutorial author, instead of who’s adding it? I can add a setting in next version. 

    Yes!  That would be awesome!

    Admin should still be able to change authors but force the original post author to be tutorial author as well for all other members.

  9. Is there anyway to force the original author's username on the new tutorial when a random member tutorializes an existing post?  I have it set to allow author changes but you know they wont change the username all the time!

  10. Are there any settings that control logging out?  I have several members complaining that they are being logged out after random periods of inactivity.  It's not from clearing cookies or anything, they leave the forum up on the screen and walk away...when they come back, they are logged out!  I cannot reproduce but I have enough complaints to worry me!

  11. Not sure if you can move the bulk action box into the posts?  There should already be a box in each post for moderation actions.  Pagination will fill the white space on the left...I'm not good with code though, so someone with more knowledge than I will have to chime in.

    ScreenHunter_822 Sep. 18 17.13.jpg

  12. Uh Oh...first problem!  I upgraded from Member Map and all my markers were imported and everything was good but then I decided to uninstall the old Member Map app to clean up my App Tab and it wiped out all my markers and reset the settings!   Is there no way to get them back?

    ETA...markers came back after a hard refresh.  Martin is checking to make sure it was just a fluke!!

  13. On 9/9/2020 at 4:45 PM, Martin A. said:

    Days or a week. I've re-structured the main javascript code, so that needs a bit of testing.

    Unfortunately none of you can beta test this, as I think that would make it impossible for you to purchase it once it's released. 

    @Martin A. Hi Martin!  Just wondering how how the new Map is coming?  Really looking forward to it!!

  14. I agree!  I self host 2 forums and the IPS team has pulled me outta jams quite a few times!  Support ticket help is fast and accurate...and even here on the forums, I find the IPS Team very informative and helpful!! 

    That goes for our peer to peer forum members too...help with forum functions, CSS and coding help is never far away with the talented group of forum members in this community!

    Everyone...keep up the GREAT work!


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