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    Radical Tags

    This has been great for our community so far; thanks for putting it together! I'm noticing, though: it doesn't seem like it's possible to set permissions to override the tag requirement? Is this something that could potentially be added at some point? We really need the ability to post some things without tags, but user-posted threads need to all have them, which has lead to the manual disabling of the minimum when something like a guide or event update needs to be posted. Tedious, to say the least. Ideally, we'd be able to leave the minimum on, and set permissions for some groups to be able to ignore it. (Permissions for the use of specific tags would be helpful for us too; is there a way to set that in the current release I couldn't find?)
  2. Is there any chance we could either get an option to disable group names, or get compatibility with a plugin which does so? I was hoping to use this excellent plugin in conjunction with this one, but that plugin removes the formatting from this one. Either way, thank you for this excellent addition!
  3. That would be great. 🙂 I fiddled with it a bit, but couldn't find the toggle to keep it enabled. The 'box' thing mentioned isn't actually an error or anything, just an inquiry in regards to styling. I was wondering if it was possible to get an option for the zebra-table topic list to be styled like the forum and category lists.
  4. Thank you for the flexible theme! Is there any chance you'd consider adding the ability to leave the forum row 'new posts' indicator on, but disable the animation? Currently, when toggling the animation off, the indicator disappears entirely because the default is off. It'd also be nice to have a "boxed" sort of style for the topic list if possible, similar to what's currently available for forum and category lists, in place of the current zebra striped table style.
  5. Thank you for the response, but I feel like we might not be on quite the same page. The current iteration of custom items is perfect for our needs, as they aren't actually "items" but custom-made artwork and virtual rewards not related to forum/community functions. Users being able to buy/use an item and needing it to be manually rewarded by a mod is completely fine, as it fits the distribution process. There's no need for address information or anything additional on the user's end. My concern is related to the time frame between using/redeeming an item and the item actually being awarded. I.e. right now, if a user buys and uses a custom item immediately, if they miss that "purchase" pop up, there's no way for them to tell they bought anything. There's no record of it in their inventory (because it's been used), nor in their log (because it doesn't show here). If that popup is missed, they won't know they bought anything until it's awarded. Having said that, the second part of our inquiry was actually more important to our needs. Would you advise if a word count-based point reward is possible? Per post is "okay," but per word would be ideal for our community.
  6. Thank you for this plugin! It's a great fit for my community. Our group uses custom items extensively, though, and we have two things we'd like to see if possible: When a user purchases (and activates) a custom item, they get a pop-up saying it's been used. Would it be possible to also add the event to a user's log? Currently, confirmation is received via PM once it's awarded, but it would be nice if users could also track their purchases through their log, since there's no other way to tell a custom item was bought after it's been used (until it's awarded). Is it possible to have points awarded per word as an option? Not all engagement is equal in our community, and it would be very nice to be able to appropriately reward people who invest more effort into their contributions.
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