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  1. Excellent! Please let me know when it's available.
  2. Request for "Member Profile Edit" trigger I've just tested a Zap for Copper CRM so that a CRM record is created when a new members signs up on Invision. It's of limited use because the trigger in Invision (New Member) only captures email and username fields using the recommended easy registration option. The option to use a full registration form which would capture more fields is not practical when you have many custom fields, most of which are optional. What's missing is a trigger that captures edited fields from existing members. This seems to apply to Hubspot and I guess other CRM systems which are commonly used.
  3. JPD

    Forms Support

    Hi @Michael.J, Forms is really useful and working well but I don't want Form Logs to appear as an option under Content Types in My Activity Streams (see screenshot attached). I'm on the latest version, have edited all the user group permissions so that only admins can view logs and tried adjusting the permissions in the application...what am I missing? Thanks and best, JP
  4. Just wanted to say thanks to Adriano who resolved this offline very promptly and efficiently.
  5. Thanks, Adriano. I also have the error message appearing in Members on the Admin CP (screenshot attached). I use a lot of custom fields with different permissions for various groups of fields so it's complex. Would it be a good idea to temporarily set you up as an admin?
  6. Hi Adriano, This problem occurred before (pls see error message attached), went away, and then has come back again just now. I'm on IPS 4.5 and version 2.3.0 of the plug in. The only other app or plug in I have which affects profile fields is Profile Tabs Organizer but that is disabled. Thanks, JP
  7. JPD

    Radical Tags

    SOLVED: I found another application that does what I want to do: So far, it looks like it also works with RT.
  8. JPD

    Radical Tags

    Thanks @abobader. I can see that I can choose whether to allow tags and prefixes but not how to create different groups or categories of tags? I'm not really trying to have different tags for different forums. I want to split out tags by type but have them available for all forums. For example, some tags relate to the industry sector that is being discussed, others might related to types of technology being discussed etc. From the RT product page, this screenshot is very close to what I'm trying to achieve: I think that 'Platform' would normally be 'Prefix' but, if possible, I'd like to copy / paste this section a couple of times and relabel them 'Industry sector tags' or 'Technology types tags', for example. I appreciate I might be asking for the moon on a stick here and that it's simply not possible. I understood 'configure tags on a per category basis' to mean what I hope it means but I'm seeing now that it means configuring by forum, as you pointed out.
  9. JPD

    Radical Tags

    Hi @Makoto, Not sure if I've misunderstood this but the download page mentions under Forum / Category settings that you can configure tags and prefixes on a per-category basis but I'm struggling to see where / how to do this for forums. I would like to invite / require users to add tags to forum posts under different categories. For example: - Industry (tag category 1): e.g. retail, pharma, tech, ALL, etc. (tags) - Aspect (tag category 2): resilience, efficiency, responsiveness etc. (tags) - Technologies (tag category 3): big data, artificial intelligence, IoT etc. (tags) If I put all these tags together in a single category or group, it would be quite messy which is why I'd like to separate them. Also, if possible, I'd like to be able to configure the tag cloud widget to show tags by category. Thanks for your help. Best, JP P.S. having read the whole support topic looking to find my own answers on this, I also noticed that I have the same issue as another user who also has Forum Blocks by fosters installed where RT settings are appearing.
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