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  1. 4 hours ago, Giray said:


    Love the concept. Any chance that you might someday make it a combo: drip email + drip PM? I'm currently using 'x-days after' PM plugin, but yours would be a double whammy. Thoughts? Thx.

    Set up a step and configure it how you like to either send the email or send a PM.

    Set up another step to do the other action and choose to do it immediately rather than to wait a period of time for "Wait Period".

    I'm not seeing why this wouldn't accomplish your goal unless I'm misunderstanding?

  2. 22 hours ago, Jordan Invision said:

    Hey @rebraf! Interesting turn of events. The Instagram embeds show still, but they all look like this now (see below). Wondering if that's happening to you? We are still a little ways a way from 4.6 (which includes this IG and FB embed fix) so I'd love to see if we can find an answer sooner than later haha 😆 

    Let me know what you think! 

    Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 7.17.19 AM.png

    I've found that if I'm logged into certain VPNs you get what you are seeing there. Instagram tends to block many public IP addresses (i.e. VPNs and proxies).

    If you're logged in to a VPN or proxy, try logging off of it to see if the issue persists.

  3. 5 hours ago, maddog107_merged said:


    By any chance does this work on 4.4.x?

    I haven't tested, but it should work on 4.4.x. If it didn't, I would be happy to correct any issues.

    5 hours ago, Robert222 said:

    What does this payed feature actually do....Display Instagram photos?

    It allows you to paste a Facebook or Instagram URL and for it to embed in posts automatically.

  4. 7 hours ago, Sheffielder said:

    What does this plug in do? 

    This plugin allows you to paste Instagram and/or Facebook links and have them embed automatically in your community. This functionality used to work out of the box, however Facebook (who also own Instagram) made changes on their end that makes this more complicated now.

    6 hours ago, omgenghis said:

    Is Facebook Login required for this to work? If not, I'd rather not add it to my site. 

    I don't believe so, however I'll follow up with you in your PM.

  5. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/oembed


    Make sure you’ve followed the requirements on Facebook’s end. You need the developer app, but he oembed product added to it, and the app must be in “live mode”. 

    If you’ve checked all this and it’s still not working, please let me know what error you are getting if any. Also, check the System Logs in the AdminCP and let me know if any errors are being registered when you try to paste an appropriate Facebook or Instagram link. 

  6. On 11/26/2020 at 2:51 PM, C4D Cafe said:

    Like this...


    As you can see here, images have different resolution but they are properly contained in a row. So either that behavior or behavior that VORTEX666 showed here

    I'm not really clear....this is how the plugin behaves already.


    Different proportions, but contained within a row. I fear I'm missing something but I can't pinpoint what.

  7. I am under the assumption you're stating that you want all images to be equal in size and dimension? If so, that's not what this plugin intended to accomplish I'm afraid. Instead, the plugin aims to give you a masonry-style layout where images fill the available space but display in different sizes.

    The "View categories" link should show the "old style" gallery, which is the list of categories as the home page. I'm not clear what you are asking for there specifically?

  8. On 10/16/2020 at 9:15 AM, Alfonso Moreno said:

    Is there a possibility to track who reads the emails and who clicks on the links inserted in the emails? Is there a possibility to connect the email sending process with SendGrid, Active Campaign or any other email marketing external email processor? 

    SInce everything is done within Invision Community, the emails would be send by Email Drip software you created, but then how can I track the success of those emails? I want to know who clicks and reads the emails once a new user has become a free member or a paid member. The content of the emails will vary a lot depending on what type of user subscribed.

    If SendGrid is configured to send the emails inside IPS, will the emails send with Email Drip be sent with SendGrid as well?



    Is there a possibility to do this? Is it planned?
    Thanks a lot

    Invision Community supports basic email tracking statistics out of the box. For more enhanced email tracking, yes you can use Sendgrid as your email provider.

    The drip campaigns application will use whatever email sending service is configured in your settings, including Sendgrid.


    In short - I would recommend Sendgrid for your particular use case.

  9. If you did not associate the application during the initial onboarding process, your only option after the fact outside of contacting Invision for help resolving that issue would be to uninstall and reinstall the application which would indeed remove the data (campaigns) you have stored. I would recommend reaching out to Invision for assistance if you didn't get the application linked up initially. Unfortunately the issue you are facing isn't really specific to this application, but rather your general marketplace syncing which Invision would need to assist you with.

  10. 11 hours ago, Songstuff said:

    Hi, definitely looking to purchase... I thought I would make some suggestions based upon my use of auto responders:

    Support for list segments

    This might help for a description of segments https://reachmail.com/support/article/getting-started-with-list-segments

    Can you describe how you would use such functionality within the context of this Drip Campaigns application?

    11 hours ago, Songstuff said:

    Support for list tags

    A useful tag usage description can be found here: https://reachmail.com/support/article/lists-tags

    • Campaign chaining / using ending a campaign as a trigger
    • Trigger on an email open
    • Trigger on an email click
    • Trigger on a submitted poll answer radio/checkbox/drop down


    • Ability to tag users
    • Ability to assign/remove users to list segments

    Tags can then be used to filter users, and for improved targeting when scheduling.

    I can see how this makes sense in a general mailing list application, however I'm having a hard time envisioning the use case for a Drip Campaigns application.

    The intention of this application is that you can manually or automatically assign users to a campaign and then ensure regular emails (based upon your configuration) are sent to that user. How would tagging users impact the campaigns or work flow in your use case?

    11 hours ago, Songstuff said:

    List Engagement Report

    The Invision Community software can already track general statistics on how many people have opened specific types of emails so I believe this is partially covered within the base software?


    I guess if you can perhaps explain a little how you would use such functionality I can consider it further. I don't want to add functionality just for the sake of adding it and terminology aside, it would be useful to know what your intentions are specifically or what you need these features to do in practice.

  11. Ok, I will give it some consideration but I'll probably want to see some more requests for this functionality in order to prioritize the request since this isn't standard Invision functionality.

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