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    IP-Gamers got a reaction from kmk in Create New Content button   
    <?if(member_group_id == 4)?>Content to hide<?endif?> I'm not sure if this is correct or not. It's just what came to mind first.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to kmk in Create New Content button   
    How can I configure the Create New Content button only viewble by specific group? I want to configure it just for me and not for others members.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Linux-Is-Best in Please ban the user "Banned-User-Test" (see details)   
    Please forgive the odd request, but if someone within the Invision would be so kind as to please active and then ban the user account @Banned-User-Test that would be most helpful.  It is my sincere intention to test the community from a banned user perspective. I like to be thorough when testing a new product in development.
    Thank you in advance for indulging my particularly eccentric request.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to sofos in Blog, how to change the number of views   
    @Miss_B I prefer not to put my hand directly on the database 🙉
    If there is anyone interested in making the plugin we can talk about it.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Linux-Is-Best in CKEditor 4 end of life - alternative editor consideration   
    CKEditor 4 is reaching the end of life (source). Instead of jumping onto the CKEditor 5 bandwagon, I propose Invision consider an alternative editor. There are many well-established modern editors such as, for example, TinyMCE, Froala, Quill, and Redactor, to name a few. Any of these would make satisfactory alternatives.
    CKEditor may be 'old school,' but it has become bloated, larger in file size and load time.  Most of the issues it encounters often have to do with responsive layouts on a mobile device and excessive load time. As mobile continues to dominate the landscape, I feel it may be prudent to focus on an editor development that has kept up successfully with the times with the least issues.
    Changing the editor should not be expected in the next release. But a roadmap should be considered for a future transition.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 😀
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Linux-Is-Best in robots.txt recommendation for IPS   
    I am sorry, but I know nothing about Bing. I focus most of my SEO (search engine optimization) with Baidu and occasionally Google in mind.  Sorry, I could not be of further help. 😞
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    IP-Gamers got a reaction from Darth Vortex in Level progress   
    Yes, yes, yes, another 2 weeks at least.

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    IP-Gamers got a reaction from Unienc in Level progress   
    Yes, yes, yes, another 2 weeks at least.

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    IP-Gamers reacted to Jordan Miller in Level progress   
    We're wrapping things up! Everyone's favorite answer: sooooon!
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    IP-Gamers got a reaction from sobrenome in Schema Markup for Top Answer Cards   
    I don't know what about Google, but Yandex is able to display useful answers from IPS to the main widget.

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    IP-Gamers reacted to SeNioR- in Schema Markup for Top Answer Cards   
    Thanks for reply.
    But could you give me an example of Invision Community forum where Google showed the "Top Answer" Card? At least once? because I haven't found a single one.
    Maybe it is not fully implemented correctly?
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Ilya Hoilik in robots.txt recommendation for IPS   
    You can exclude duplicates by using following rules:
    Disallow: /*do=* Disallow: /*sort=* Disallow: /*sortby=* Disallow: /*csrf=* Disallow: /*csrfKey=* Disallow: */?tab=* Disallow: */?_fromLogin=* Disallow: */?_fromLogout=* My entire robots.txt https://hoilik.com/robots-txt-for-invision-community-473d8aa32984
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    IP-Gamers reacted to MMXII in Better badge look in Topic   
    I actually like the current look. There are already so many things centered in the postbit.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Sonya* in Can I increase admin area login period for dev installation?   
    Add this to your constant.php
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    IP-Gamers reacted to bradybarrows in Is there a mobile app ?   
    #1 All I have is an iOS mobile device and the beta has expired and doesn't work. Is there any indication in any of the threads here that the iOS beta app will be available again for testing?
    #2 Is the Android mobile app still available and working on Android devices? 
    #3 Why has the beta versions of these mobile apps take so long?  Is it difficult to integrate IC into a mobile app? What is the story behind all this?
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Nathan Explosion in Mass prune spam/banned members?   
    Yes, do a search with no parameters entered then use the filters and the 'prune members found' link.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Morrigan in Moving the notification/login and profile area   
    Something like this:
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Thomas P in robots.txt recommendation for IPS   
    You can easily create a robots.txt files with wildcards:
    Check the section: "How to Use wildcards in robots.txt" here: An SEO's Guide to Robots.txt, Wildcards, the X-Robots-Tag and Noindex (builtvisible.com) for example.
    To prevent the report URL or other sections being indexed we use this e.g.: 
    Disallow: /*?do=reportComment* Disallow: /*?do=add As the robots.txt file is very site and version specific and there are other methods, see article mentioned above, I think every site owner has to create his own robots.txt file or "no index" mechanism.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Daniel F in robots.txt recommendation for IPS   
    You could use the live meta tag editor to add robot instructions to the pages which you don't want to have indexed.
    That said, we made also several improvements in IPS 4.6 to remove the CSRF key from URLs
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    IP-Gamers reacted to gaby in robots.txt recommendation for IPS   
    I just checked the latest indexed articles in Google and i noticed that they are the following:

    lots of "sign in" pages with different URLs, and "create new topic" page from topic view.
    The URLs are the following:
    https://pctroubleshooting.ro/login/?ref=some_random_charcters https://pctroubleshooting.ro/forum/45-jocuri-online/?do=add from my point of view I should forbid the indexing of these pages. what do you think?
    how can i disallow that dynamic URLs?
    do you have any recommendation for robots.txt?
    Thank you!
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    IP-Gamers reacted to CoffeeCake in Renewal every year instead of every 6 months   
    And hey, a sweet discount for prepaying subscriptions longer than in six month intervals would be a nice birthday gift to us. 🎂
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    IP-Gamers reacted to James25 in Renewal every year instead of every 6 months   
    Would you please make it possible to renew every year instead of every 6 months?
    There's literally no case I can think of where we'd want our forum subscription to expire any time soon, and making it every 6 months just adds extra work for us and for you.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to Jock3r in IPB3 to latest IPS version database related upgrade   
    Hello there,
    I am planning on upgrading an already established community of over 4m users, 30m posts, 15gb DB from IPB3 to the latest version.
    The current plan is move db to test environment, run upgrade to IPS4 and then start upgrading apps/plugins and everything. However the main site will still be running on IPB3 until that process is done. My current concern is about transferring over the database after the IPS4 is ready.
    What do you think would be the best course of action to achieve? My idea would be to get everything done on the test environment and when the time is right, we will try to merge the IPB3 database with the "newly" made one that supports IPS4. However that may bring more issues and may be more of a pain in the ass to do.
    Do you have any suggestions on what course of action would be better and more reliable to achieve that?
    PS: The current IPB3 version is heavily edited with many custom plugins/apps.
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    IP-Gamers reacted to kmk in Our pick doesn't work as carousel   
    From my side, Android, last chrome version... The Our Pick widget doesn't work as carousel, does not run slider automatically, the arrow button isn't clickable....

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    IP-Gamers got a reaction from tsdevelopment in (itzverified) member verification   
    This is the only way it works. I figured it out myself ... Cool support!

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