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  1. $10.00

    IP-Gamers 2021

    Please leave your feedback. Whether positive or negative, your feedback motivates me to work on the topic.
    In version 1.1.4, an option will be added to hide the large category and section title on the forum home page.

    In version 1.1.3 for mobile, I wanted to highlight user-generated content in user profiles, not user-generated information. The user does not have to swipe to the middle of the page to post a new status.

    Version 1.1.2 will bring unread and new content buttons where newbie users will notice them immediately. There are small children in my community who, without these buttons, are poorly versed in site navigation. And these buttons help them a lot!
    Most of this design for IPS was edited in Custom.css, other files are rarely touched.
    Accordingly, you can visit my website and watch a live demo.
    Visit IP-Gamers.NET Go to the bottom of the site In the theme selector, select IP-Gamers 2021

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