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  1. Do you not see the problem with saying there is good documentation, yet having to link to users forum posts to answer the question? I don't care how good or bad the competitors documents are - I haven't just given them a load of money. If you want to see the level of documentation I expect to see then take a look at the codeigniter docs. This is free - and I'm not forced to advertise them on any sites. https://codeigniter4.github.io/userguide/helpers/form_helper.html
  2. Getting there slowly. I am annoyed that I have spent so much money specifically because the software has expansion possibilities, yet am now expected to guess what I am searching for and work out who got it right, whether its relevant to my needs, etc.. £500 is a lot to spend on something with no manual, no tutorials, etc. The documentation for the forms seems to be "here's a few fields. You can guess the rest. And don't expect us to show you how to handle data". Considering how many years this has been around now, it's really not acceptable to be taking peoples money like this with such little thought to documents.
  3. Still not any wiser. I'm in dev mode, have created the app, table & columns. Nothing anywhere about how to add a form to the admin to input the items, etc... Most software like this generally has a tutorial for creating a FAQ or news feed. Top that off with the issues I'm having with an imported forum, and it's looking like I wasted £500.
  4. Is there a tutorial anywhere that goes through the entire process of creating an app from start to finish? I'm finding the documentation to be very poor.
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