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  1. Hi @Spanner, finally finding time to get back to integrating this, and I'm seeing some odd errors with notifications. When a user accepts or rejects another user's Price Proposal, is sends a notification to the person who sent the Price Proposal saying accepted/rejected; clicking on that notification takes them to a page that says they don't have permission to view it! Any idea why that might be? For now I've turned off the ability to send offers, but if there's a way to resolve this that'd be cool.
  2. Hey quick question: Is there any way to REMOVE a trophy when a user is NO LONGER in a group? I have subscriptions, and when people subscribe they are added to a Subscriber group. When the sub expires they are removed from the group. I'd like to have them get a Trophy when they sign up, but automatically lose the Trophy if they let their subscription lapse. Is this possible? It seems that right now the system only auto-ADDS trophies, with no support for auto-REMOVE.
  3. Amazing, thanks so much for your help, I've got it figured out now thanks to you! 🙂
  4. That did it! I can see the option to add prices now! I've done a but of testing, and apologies if this is getting annoying - how do people get their money when they've sold something? I did a quick test for a $0.01 Offer sale and the Buyer was able to pay, and I can see the invoice on the admin panel, but I don't see as the seller how to get "my money". Can you advise how the user gets the money from their sale?
  5. We do. D; People are able to checkout on our site for subscriptions and donations no problem.
  6. IPS version is 4.4.7. I don't see a way to add a price to Buy Now: I tried Auction style as well and same - no price (despite adding starting values).
  7. Sorry, few new issues since I've gotten some Offers up. First, I keep seeing this error pop up every so often: Secondly, despite setting an offer to "Buy Now" or "Auction", the only option people can see is "Contact via PM": Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. The first option is where I took the screenshot above - despite having full access granted as you can see, still getting the error. As for #2 I don't see that option - can you provide a screenshot of where I can find it? I've definitely not banned myself manually, and I just installed the application so not sure. Maybe I missed a step for something in the installation/setup process? Is there a guide or something I could follow to make sure I'm doing it right? EDIT: Apologies, I see now what the issue was. There's a tab under EDIT in ADDITION to the Permissions tab. Found it, hopefully that's the fix!
  9. Hi, I'm getting an error whenever I try to "Add Offer" on my site. I am an admin and have made sure that my permissions are granted across the board. Can you please help?
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