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  1. Thanks! I'll not hold you to anything, but do you have any rough estimation when you might be able to add this by?
  2. I want the seller to be able to rate the buyer in exactly the same way as the buyer can rate the seller. Like ebay, basically.
  3. Thanks! Quick followup question - it looks like only the Buyer can actually submit feedback on a transaction. Any way to have it so BOTH users in a transaction can leave feedback? Maybe I'm missing it?
    Works as described, easy to use and my users love it! Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks! I checked there but see no difference from a diff check. THAT SAID! I cleared the cache as suggested and boom - there it is! Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for bearing with me, working great now!
  5. OH! With default theme I can see it! Maybe I made a customization to that bit of the theme I'm using (it's just my own, with minimal changes from default), in that area. Can you tell me which file exactly I should be looking at for the icon to show on?
  6. Hi @Adriano Faria, I've purchased and installed this plugin, but I don't see the little Search icon on users' posts. Do I have to do anything else beyond installing it? It's enabled for all users.
  7. Hi @Spanner, finally finding time to get back to integrating this, and I'm seeing some odd errors with notifications. When a user accepts or rejects another user's Price Proposal, is sends a notification to the person who sent the Price Proposal saying accepted/rejected; clicking on that notification takes them to a page that says they don't have permission to view it! Any idea why that might be? For now I've turned off the ability to send offers, but if there's a way to resolve this that'd be cool.
  8. Hey quick question: Is there any way to REMOVE a trophy when a user is NO LONGER in a group? I have subscriptions, and when people subscribe they are added to a Subscriber group. When the sub expires they are removed from the group. I'd like to have them get a Trophy when they sign up, but automatically lose the Trophy if they let their subscription lapse. Is this possible? It seems that right now the system only auto-ADDS trophies, with no support for auto-REMOVE.
  9. Amazing, thanks so much for your help, I've got it figured out now thanks to you! 🙂
  10. That did it! I can see the option to add prices now! I've done a but of testing, and apologies if this is getting annoying - how do people get their money when they've sold something? I did a quick test for a $0.01 Offer sale and the Buyer was able to pay, and I can see the invoice on the admin panel, but I don't see as the seller how to get "my money". Can you advise how the user gets the money from their sale?
  11. We do. D; People are able to checkout on our site for subscriptions and donations no problem.
  12. IPS version is 4.4.7. I don't see a way to add a price to Buy Now: I tried Auction style as well and same - no price (despite adding starting values).
  13. Sorry, few new issues since I've gotten some Offers up. First, I keep seeing this error pop up every so often: Secondly, despite setting an offer to "Buy Now" or "Auction", the only option people can see is "Contact via PM": Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. The first option is where I took the screenshot above - despite having full access granted as you can see, still getting the error. As for #2 I don't see that option - can you provide a screenshot of where I can find it? I've definitely not banned myself manually, and I just installed the application so not sure. Maybe I missed a step for something in the installation/setup process? Is there a guide or something I could follow to make sure I'm doing it right? EDIT: Apologies, I see now what the issue was. There's a tab under EDIT in ADDITION to the Permissions tab. Found it, hopefully that's the fix!
  15. Hi, I'm getting an error whenever I try to "Add Offer" on my site. I am an admin and have made sure that my permissions are granted across the board. Can you please help?
  16. Thanks for the info! I'm excited to dig in once I get a bit of breathing room and will try my hand at building the plugin for myself! Worst case as I understand it there are proficient users for hire in the Marketplace as well, so potentially that route can be taken if I'm too busy with the day to day. Really enjoying the software so far!
  17. Yeah this is kinda the big thing I want really. I see I can create a more robust DB than I had previously understood w/ Pages, but I'd really love to have users able to say "I have this" and then for the site to say "X users have it". Do you think it's something that I could build within the framework, assuming PHP/SQL experience? I know how I'd build it custom from scratch, but I'd like to adhere to the tools available as closely as possible with this.
  18. I see that there does look to be one that creates something like Articles that people can use, but say I wanted a database where users can for instance choose a game from a list and say "I have this game", or even help to build out the database like "Game X exists, here are the details for it" and stuff like that? Ideally I'd like to let users build a list of games, and then say "I have this game" and then for the database to be able to say "X users have this game". Something like that.
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