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  1. exactly its locked and I want to be able to disable discord login/acc creating via that i just want users to sync profile and that is all i really need
  2. I've checked and haven't been able to do so
  3. I would like to have a way to disable that people make a account or login to forum via discord atleast a option to disable it like a toggle and who ever wants to have that enabled on their community is fine but for me it's a headache tbh could u add this in your next version ?
  4. hello @SoftwareFactoryquick question I had bought the app before and now it prompts me to re-buy this app again ....is this a bug ? i have the confirm email on 23 nov 2019 i bought the app but it doesn't show to renew ( the renewal term ) it ask me to buy it from 0 like i never had bought this
  5. I have same issue as the above guy as I said.... I use a different one ( CoinPayments ) which I also have a rule set in cloudflare and which works, after some mins or whatever it auto changes to complete,,, now when using your Coinbase plug for some reason it doesn't work for me... even setting the rules in the cloudflare stuff I can't get it to change from pending to approved once it's done... @OctoDev
  6. would be good i'm also interested in that subject as a refunded key needs to be disabled
  7. I need to delete the key from the list so that if a user buys the product doesn't end receiving again a key that was already used due to us having to role back a backup that is the point of deleting a used key @DawPi
  8. add a option to delete used keys also pls, sometimes if something occur and we have to role back backup we can then delete some keys or so some the list add option to export unused keys
    its a good idea.... but since purchase I never got this to work.... i posted on 20 of feb a request on support topic and till the day of now there is no contact with the dev......I hope u contact us to solve this..
  9. Hello my friend nice app there, I'm having a issue with this, whenever someone buys it leaves the order as pending even when its confirmed on the network already, I added the firewall rule also on cloudflare for this and for some reason it is still not working.. any idea why ? would appreciate it if you can help me solve this store runs in euro currency as well and running latest version of IPS Suits.... @OctoDev any support is possible ? i'm not able to use this plugin
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