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    Steve Silver reacted to Felix Thant in Classifieds System   
    Very good app, worth every penny
    Waiting for new updates
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    Steve Silver reacted to Durango in Classifieds System   
    Great App ! this is a game changer for your website, people love marketplace and you can get a nice revenue from your marketplace !
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    Steve Silver reacted to Vahvel.net OÜ in Classifieds System   
    I think it would be the best plugin on the market if it has some additional features.
     Shipping options Ability to inherit guidelines/rules info from main categories to sub categories, It helps  very much if there is many categories.
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    Steve Silver reacted to Brian K. in Classifieds System   
    First of all, thanks for creating this! I know many of us have been waiting very long for a viable marketplace for IPS and this delivers. With that said, there are a few quirks I noticed that I hope can be addressed:
    1. Allow users to decline an offer and send a notification of the decline to the person that made the offer.
    2. The expiring soon block is not configurable. All new listings that are added are automatically put into the "expiring soon" widget/block.
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    Steve Silver reacted to Jim Kelly in Classifieds System   
    Fantastic plugin, but if you could add the option to have the highest offer displayed, that could help the seller have the price driven up.  Right now, you can have multiple offers of the same amount because no one knows what the current highest offer is.  Of course, people don't want to offer way too high if the item didn't have that much interest anyway.  
    Other than that, this is a very powerful classified system that is well worth the cost.
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    Steve Silver reacted to Ziggs in Classifieds System   
    I began using the Classifieds app about two weeks ago on my community and the members really seem to love it.  We're about 27,000 members strong and this app replaced several special-interest sub forums that we have used for the past 10 years allowing members to buy/sell/trade privately.
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    Steve Silver reacted to sofos in Classifieds System   
    Hello, how is it going? 
    @Adriano Faria this is really good, we love it! I was wondering if there is a way to regulate the accessibility of posting adverts for the users. Basically, we would like that an user can post an advert only after she/he has been part of the community for some time or another rule that when matched allows user to post? Also, is it possible to limit the amount of adverts that an user can have displayed per time? Like limiting the maximum of four adverts per each user?
    Thank you so much for your help!!!
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    Steve Silver reacted to DanLemX in Classifieds System   
    Fantastic application. Looking forward to more improvements!
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    Steve Silver reacted to Théophraste in Classifieds System   
    Fantastic ! Finally the possibility of having a marketplace in its forum, so that members can sell objects.

    Simple and fast installation, less than 5 minutes.

    Intuitive setting of the plugin, quite easy, in 5 to 10 minutes, we have already done a lot of work.

    Forum members can sell items. The buyer can pay by credit card on the paypal site, or with the balance of their paypal account.

    The classifieds are nice to see.

    For a member, it's easy to put items on sale. The plugin uses the functions of the forum, as for posting photos of the classified ad or writing the description of the object, it's like writing a message. Members find things easy.

    For the forum, there are different ways to monetize the tool. A subscription for each sale, and / or a percentage on each sale.

    Members use their account to manage their sales.

    There are blocks to publish info as you want and make a custom page.

    It just misses the management of the shipping costs, it seems that it is under development, it misses for the moment.

    I've been waiting for this tool for 12 years, and the beginning of my forum!
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    Steve Silver reacted to Durango in Trader Feedback System   
    Great App, a must have to allow your users to leave ratings on other users of your community !
    Works great with Classifieds :)
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