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  1. My bum hurts I went horse rideing yesterday

    1. Zhana


      Take revenge from the horse, make the horse ride on you...Horse's bum will hurt then.

    2. Midnightmadness
  2. thinks that mixing Blueberrys and BBQ sauce is not a good idea

  3. How IPS uses its hosting services to grow and learn

    Interesting read Ive allways wondered what the data center looked like as I'm a hosting customer
  4. Midnightmadness Should not have eaten that bean burito at Taco Bell last night.
    Feeling rough? :P

  5. Hi Susan I think I'll do that :) I havent forgotten about you guys Ive got some extra time on my hands now that the weather is warmer. I'm off Canada Day to ....do you have any plans on Memorial Day? you should sleep in :)

  6. Hi, hope all is well. I've been crazy busy with everything going on in my life. I need a vacation so bad that my boss is going to force me to take one real soon. I just have so much going on, I can't right now. You should come back to the board sometime :-)

  7. Just wanted to say hello to an old friend :) Hows it going? we've been getting some cool thunder boomers today but I hope it warms up soon I want summer! lol

  8. Hows it going Lindy? :)

  9. LOL.... another one!!! "Evil Grin" ;)

  10. LOL I'm not clicking that link again :p

  11. LOL, sorry for taking so long to reply. Yes, I agree, I'm officially tired of winter now.

  12. Snow should be a 4 letter word. I think I'm going to add it to the filter on my forum :)

  13. http://www.reuters.com/article/rbssTechMed...228321720080212 I was one of the customers affected by this, they changed my number free of charge and apologized I was happy
  14. Thanks Steve happy New Year to you also :)

  15. Have a Happy New year mate... all the best! :)