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  1. $15.00

    Swiper Slider

    Swiper Slider 1.0
    SwiperSlider is a powerful touch slider, now can be easily integrated with Invision Community 4.5.x.
    You can customize the slider in different ways:
    change the height of the slider; add as more slides as you want between 1 slide and 6 slides; add custom background image to slide; add a link to your slide; you can disable the slider at any time and any slide you want; you can enable looping and your sliders will repeat indefinitely. 🥳 you can enable auto scrolling and your users won't have to move a finger to read the next slide; you can set a custom speed for slider in milliseconds; you can add pagination or navigation in the slider to switch slides with a click; you can add a custom margin for the slider; you can set any text you want as button in the slider; you can add any url link for slide's button; More features will come in a future update. 

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