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    I can ask you to make some quicker contact like Discord or something, we care about time to fix it, and with that it can be a little more fun
  2. I've done it many times, but it still hasn't helped
  3. I mean, what did you do because I'm not helped by cleaning the cache in ACP
  4. Erosik

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    Tell me, you've encountered a mistake that if I want to post a new topic in the forum and mark more groups, I get a mistake in the forum? I have no idea what the problem is, whether from the forum or the plugin.
  5. I did it, but it still doesn't refresh my css files and changes on the forum don't appear.
  6. I did it, unfortunately it still doesn't refresh my .css files I have no idea if it doesn't read me the .css files or just something is more serious. It doesn't matter what it edits because it is the same problem anyway. HTML files work normally, only the problem is with CSS
  7. Hi, I've been struggling for some time with the problem that it doesn't refresh my .css files or does it for a very long time. Two days ago I was editing EUIP application settings and until now I have not refreshed my CSS files. It adds new classes on the forum and does not add them either. Any advice what to do in this situation? Cleaning the cache in your browser does not help, in cloudflare the same. Thank you in advance for any help.
  8. Erosik

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    Hello. I have a problem with the application, namely I uploaded it via marketplace to my forum, activated it, set permissions, but when creating a new topic I have no options anywhere to select groups to mark. Where can the problem lie, how to fix it?
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