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  1. We publish about 5 articles per week, with most of the articles being posted on a Sunday, for example, with publishing dates set for later in the week. I've disabled Discord notifications for Articles, because the notification shows up on Discord when the article is submitted, rather than when it's 'Published'. Members see that articles have been posted, but then are unable to view them if they follow the link, which creates confusion. As a result, I've turned off the automatic notification for this section of the site, and am manually posting updates to Discord when each article goes live. Is there any possibility of getting an option for articles and threads to trigger a Discord notification when they are published, rather than when they're submitted? It's certainly not the worst thing ever as is, but this option we be fantastic.
  2. I have a 'Rep Lord' user group for members that reach 10,000 Reputation (nobody is actually close to this since we're still a new forum). Upon reaching the 10,000 rep they're given the Rep Bar associated with that total, and moved to the User Group, which also gives them a uniquely color User Name. I want to offer an upgrade into this user group, and I've set it up so that it will move the purchaser into the 'Rep Lord' group, which gives them the unique colored User Name. I can set a 'Group Icon' for the 'Rep Lord' User Group, but then the purchaser will have both their normal rep bar AND the 'Rep Lord' rep bar showing simultaneously. Can't think of any way to make it so that ONLY the 'Rep Lord' rep bar is visible. Is it impossible? Are you aware of any way of accomplishing this? Edit: Disregard this post. I've found a resolution. 😉
  3. I can confirm that this is possible. You'll create a Points Mystery Box (you can name it whatever you want). Here are the settings options: You would set the Price to 0 (assuming you want it to be free. You can set the minimum and maximum quantity of points that can be won. You can set the win percentage (I assume you'd want to use the 'Everyones a winner baby' option. And you can set the 'Purchase Time Delay' at 86400, which is how many seconds there are in one day.
  4. Just curious... Would it be possible to have negative rep remove rep from both the giver and the receiver? I’m thinking through a scenario where I may want to have a reaction that’s a negative 100. I obviously wouldn’t want that being used frequently. So there are a couple of ways to approach that. One would be to limit it to a once per month or year use. The scenario I asked about above might be another option... Or something like if you use a -100 reaction, you reduce your own rep by 10, 50, or some other quantity. Is something like that even possible?
  5. Here's the mobile view when I have the plugin disabled: When I have the plugin enabled, and showing posts and reputation on Mobile: And the view when I have the plugin enabled, but everything disabled for Mobile: It seems to be blocking the info, but not eliminating the space. I'd like to have everything disabled on Mobile, but it looks very strange with the blank space there. Any thoughts on what might be causing that, or how to fix it?
  6. I would like to use this plugin, and have it active in only 1 subforum. Does the plugin allow me to do that?
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