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  1. Hello, There should be more flexibility in the registration settings, with local depending on the service (Apple, Google, Microsoft) or global as currently. In this context I would like to be able to deactivate the "standard" registration without deactivating "standard" the login, and allow only by Apple, Google, Microsoft registration and login.
  2. Hello, Sendgrid out of subject did not seek as has optimized sends sought to identify domain names associated with email addresses that would be dubious. The problem of data extraction requires a long administrative procedure which poses problems to identify exotic email addresses.
  3. Hello, In the statistics there is no function to view the number of members in relation to the domain name associated with their email addresses. You should also have a history of sending errors by domain name. Because when a domain name is revoked it is not very easy to notice it.
  4. Indeed it is much more efficient to block this at the server/FireWall level. But it would be convenient to have in the "Online Users" statistics : Robots, Guests, Members (and HTTP Errors).
  5. The Cloudflare is causing me some problems about data privacy. It would be perfectly possible to check once if it is in the list and then block the IP for 72 hours or more.
  6. I had a remark on this subject by the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties) https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-et-traceurs-que-dit-la-loi https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-et-autres-traceurs-la-cnil-publie-de-nouvelles-lignes-directrices
  7. I had to block all the bots crawlers, because it consumes unnecessary bandwidth and brings nothing to the website, except many problems.
  8. Hello, I notice that there is a missing functionality in terms of tag management. I have members who add TAGs using acronyms some spells SOS other S.O.S. I would like to have the possibility to list all the TAGs and to be able to modify them en masse by saying that S.O.S is SOS. It would also allow to see the Orphan Tags, to have statistics of the number of times it is used, to identify more quickly the TAGs to proscribe.
  9. It's better to put a password on the forums you don't want to index anymore or use :
  10. Hello, When I look at the list of members I see that it is not possible to change the sorting of Static: Display name, ..., date joined, ..., IP registred Dynamic: Display name, ..., date last connection, ..., IP used now. And why not add the IP address with a color code Red Banned, orange problem, green currently connected...
  11. Hello, More than 80% of the traffic is linked to robots creating overloads: database or bandwidth. Can you add feature for block bad robot in CP-Admin -> Ban Settings : Bots AhrefsBot, Konqueror, MJ12bot, Zeus, ... Like this code in index.php: include 'Badbots.php'; second files Badbots.php: <?php $httpUserAgent = null; if(isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) { $httpUserAgent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; $unwanted = array( "ahrefsbot", "cmscrawler", "mj12bot", "memorybot", "zbot", ); foreach ($unwanted AS $val) { if (stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], $val) != FALSE) { header("HTTP/1.0 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons"); readfile('451.shtml'); die; } } } The PHP script above checks each page which slows down the server. The idea would be that the check is done only once if the robot is in the blacklist then the IP address is blocked. The robot is informed by an HTTP error message that it is undesirable. If the robot insists then the IP address that has been temporarily blocked for 24 to 72 hours will be blocked for a longer time or even permanently if the administrator validates it manually. This would allow to update the list of problem IPs on the subscription Invision Power.
  12. Hi @Davyc, Depending on the country, this information should be kept for 10 years, while depending on the area, it should be kept as long as possible.
  13. So it's not directly related to the basic subject: "Send a newsletter to a Club members"
  14. @theipsguy I asked for something similar not long ago to make that the images are not directly downloadable without being connected
  15. @Moonbeam I am a bit surprised by what you said, because if I understood correctly the problem I am raising is not a real problem according to you.
  16. Thank you, because right now it's a hassle, because I have to create each member's account, then log in with the member's account to register him on the club in addition to joining the newsletter. I notice that in the CP-Admin, one cannot know which member is registered on which club in the member's profile. Just as it is not possible to know what a club, a forum, a member is following.
  17. Hello, I made a change in the domain so that many files I sent are identified in the wrong place, when I used to add a photo by a direct link in HTTPS how can I fix this? SQL: downloads_files_records sslink https:/xyz.toto.xxx changed by https:/xyz.titi.xxx
  18. Hello, Talk about the future developments that will be in the next version. You have also changed the system for the support, we should talk about why? ...
  19. Indeed I am a little lost when I make a search for a specific page I have a global answer and everything is "mixed.” (I'm looking for an add-on to move an agenda from one club to another) and I have thousands of results because my formulation is incorrect or unclear. Personally I would like to have a tab that gives me the result of the area in which I am located. Tabs: In this page (3) | Downloads (88) | Pages (5) | Blogs (28) | Forum (458'244) | Gallery (1) | All With a possibility to refine my search when I in one Tab like by relevance, name, ...
  20. Yes but for products already categorized (because I don't develop anything).
  21. Hello, Could you allow developers to put TAGs because it's not very easy to find a specific product for blogs or forums? Or maybe add a multiple choice so that the developer can say that his product is for blogs IP-Downloads,... , that it offers an admin interface...
  22. Would it be possible that if the user is identified as a spammer, it sends this request to a defined email address instead of creating a support ticket?
  23. Hello, I would like to associate the groups with the clubs. For example, if a member is in the VIP group and wants to enter a club that is private, the VIP member will not have to wait for the owner to accept him, he is accepted automatically. Another example if you have a shop the member who buys a product can be invited in a specific Club without the owner having to validate his entry, it will be necessary to provide the notion of banned member of the Club. In the CP-Admin Club Settings advanced options: Groupes (XYZ): Can not see any clubs Groupes (XYZ): It is automatically enrolled in this club. Groupes (XYZ): It is automatically excluded in this club. Groupes (XYZ): Can see the content without being registered in Club + can say that this is for a limited period of time (once, days...) Groupes (XYZ): Can be registered without human intervention in Club
  24. Hello @Paul E., almost all tables in the database are InnoDB except for core_referral_banners, core_follow, +10. ALTER TABLE core_referral_banners ENGINE=InnoDB ALTER TABLE core_follow ENGINE=InnoDB ... +10
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