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  1. Hello, I don't know if it's a bug, but it's not possible to finish a specific account for donations when there are several payment methods.
  2. It would be cool if the user could choose Telegram for two-factor identification, instead of Google and other paid services.
  3. The answer pf support I got is that I need to buy a certificate (GeoTrust) through their website. This makes the Hetzner offer seem more interesting… 😲
  4. The Ionos webhost does not offer it (Let's Encrypt), it's strange. It (Ionos) offers an SSL for the main domain name but not under the subdomain. 😕 Alternatively use PositiveSSL Wildcard for 32$/y it's very cheap.
  5. IONOS are for the moment the most interesting VPS. Thanks to @Linux-Is-Best 🎉 @The Heff 2GB RAM / 2 vCPU / SSD 80GB /… 5€ IONOS 4GB RAM / 2 vCPU / SSD 120 GB /… 10€ IONOS 6GB RAM / 2 vCPU / SSD 80 GB /… 12€ IONOS 12GB RAM / 4 vCPU / SSD 120 GB /… 18€ IONOS The Wildcard SSL Certificate any cheap company ? https://www.ssls.com/compare-ssl-certificates
  6. My members don't want to hear about DigitalOcean anymore, we had to block all the IPs of this operator. Google Cloud no thank you, already that our members want us to be independent of Google. IBM Cloud why not...
  7. CenOS 8 is indeed at the end of its life, so it will be use Ubuntu. When choosing a VPS some operators offer to take KernelCare, Is this relevant ? @Claudia999, Hosteurope does indeed offer interesting rates. But what if there is a problem with the server, does the technical support charge additional fees? @The Heff, Ioso does indeed offer interesting rates (+DNSSEC). But what if there is a problem with the server, does the technical support charge additional fees? @Aiwa, I agree with you it is necessary to take a second operator on the condition that it does not subtract by depending on our first host. @Tripp★, OVH I will drop it, I have a contact who lost his forum, because the archives were also stored in the same datacenter, a nonsense.
  8. It's interesting https://www.ionos.com, which operating System would be best Debian or CentOS ? VPS https://www.ionos.com https://ace-host.net/cloud-servers/ https://www.mvps.net/ Server https://www.hetzner.com/
  9. I search VPS Linux, 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD, Dedicate IP, Backup every 24h relocated,
  10. In piwik and co it is complex to make the distinction between a member and a non member. Allowing google to track members in non-public sections is problematic because I then have robots that generate errors "HTTP Errors 40x" and make it difficult to read the logs, to identify possible intrusion attempts. The CP-Admin should be able to be hidden from the statistics or have another tracking code to guarantee the confidentiality of interactions, as well as for some sections of the forum that use a password there should be an option to say not to include it in the statistics or even have a menu to choose Piwik or Google... I would like to have more flexibility to say that the forum is with piwik while pages are Google, or choose to base me on members if he connects then he will no longer be followed by Google. But administrators and moderators should have a feature to be able to be excluded from this tracking because it distorts the statistics if they are very active.
  11. Hello, It would be useful to be able to set a different tracking code for members who can connect to the CP-Admin and others like : Analytics Guests (google) Analytics Members (Piwik) Analytics CP-Admin (no tracking)
  12. Currently the all web site is on a dedicated server (X10QBL-4CT), I am considering a VPS for the forum (each subdomain will be on a different server). I use webmin. The number of membres ±1000, visitors between 5 to 100. I am considering testing, alternate web hosting, because the current server is too expensive in terms of electricity.
  13. Hello, I don't know how to define the resources that the forum will require Redis (Cache) DDoS Protection Dedicated IP for SSL CPU, RAM, I/O ?
  14. Hello @Davyc, I don't agree with you, of many communities are not public or accessible to all.
  15. Hello, The function of the user activity is too limited I would like to know in which Club he is registered, which forums or members he follows. If it has published articles and to be able to modify in a click the status of publication. What is the date of the last connection with the IP address and not as currently a small scroll on the right. A specific page with all this information. In addition to being able to post comments that are only visible to the moderator or administrator.
  16. Hi @Jordan Invision, A member can send a "avatar" in his profile, for example you sent a picture of yourself, and I have a avatar by an logo. In administrator mode you can see avatar this in tabs "Member View" and "Customer View" the same picture. What I'm asking is that there is a difference: "Member View" = Avatar (which can be mortified by the user as at present) "Customer View" = Real picture of user (or logo of company) and can only be updated by an administrator. (feature)
  17. Hello, Have you tried the LDAP ?
  18. Hello, A member can send a photo/avatar for his/her profile. But it is not possible to have in the client tab to have a picture of the client that the administrator has updated and that cannot be modified by the member. I would like the member to be able to send a photo or avatar at his or her convenience as at present and that in the client menu of the CP-Admin it is possible to put the photo to the client, since we usually have the name and surname of the person.
  19. No that's not what I'm looking for. I really need to know how many members are associated with a domain name and how many errors were generated.
  20. I understand I will have to reinstall piwik or an equivalent product.
  21. I am looking for a simple way to identify domain names associated with an email address that have been revoked. In B2evolution I had such a feature. According to this collection of laws it is forbidden to subcontract the sending of mail: http://caspam.org/spam-illegal.html I have members who have passed away certain had proprietary domain names that have been deregistered. You (Invision Power) have almost 500'000 members it is clear that you also have to face this problem of domain names that have been revoked and then some have been bought back, so having a more precise statistic will be very practical.
  22. The most per member name use Gmail, Hotmail and Co. email addresses that depend on the OAuth 2.0. I have members who tell me that the domain name on which their address was on has been abandoned and that they have switched to Apple, Gmail... I have thousands of members, some of them have passed away in the domain names associated with their email addresses have been canceled and then bought back, having no PGP option a malicious person can easily read the information that is not intended for them. The police recommend encouraging registration by Apple, Gmail, and Co., but not with Facebook or twitter. If a future member wants to use an email address that deviates from the OAuth 2.0 system, he will have to obtain authorization from an administrator. If the member wants to use Facebook or Twitter to log in as a new member, this will not be possible. I want to have more flexibility in the possibilities of registration and connection for example if LDAP is activated the settings are global which for the moment prevents us from using it. I would like to make first connection rules: Please enter your member code or IP Range Your LDAP or ... email address: Password: Then the user will be able to log in by Facebook, Gmail if allowed in the options in profil user.
  23. I find that this feature should be native since TAGs are provided as standard.
  24. Identifying if it's a robot in the statistics should not be a cache problem. Just like when there is an HTTP error noted when a person wants to console a page inaccessible to the non-member.
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