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  1. Why in tabs at the top if the club makes forums it should be as the main site why change that function.
  2. That’s a shame we where looking in adopting it as a tracker for two thing development and volunteers.
  3. @Fosters Do you have a demo i can look at for Project Manager?

    1. Fosters


      Sorry, no demo

  4. Doh why did i not think of that.
  5. I saw that option but is there no option people can choose between dark and light.
  6. @TAMAN i must be going blind because i have no idea how to get the darktheme activated, can you give me advice on how to do this.
  7. When i ask the desktop site on IOS in the admincp i’m redirected to the default page that is set in the admincp. But i never get the desktop version of the admincp.
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