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  1. Hi there! i was wondering if is possible to use instead of: /ID-posttitle /posttile-ID This is what WordPress has and I believe it’s more user friendly Is it possible? thanks
  2. Hi There! I would like to put a line to divide the two rows of CKEditor, but I'm not able to get it... Ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hello, But any buy can produce chargebacks. An user could buy the subscription to join a club with the default flow and later ask for a refund too, right? Thanks
  4. Hello! I guess you can get this setting a paid subscription with prize set to $0? Not sure because I'm not home to try it. Regards
  5. @opentype @SJ77 Hello guys, I've thought in an option that could make this a lot easier. Using plugin Members shop, I just could sell points packages to users and they later can spend them to join clubs, for example. At this way, I issue an invoice for selling a product (50 points package, for example), and later the club's admin will set how many points are necessary to join the club. When he ask me for the withdraw, I will send him the money. I'm just not sure how will be seen that withdraw and how I can take it as an expense for me. But a lot of websites that have a credit system an
  6. Yes, I was just looking at that. Thanks. Trying to target it now using: body[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .ipsApp_front .ipsBreadcrumb { display: none !important; } But not having any effect... Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  7. Hello Could you play say me how can I target index with CSS? I don't know how to target these "data-pagemodule or data-pagecontroller... Thanks!
  8. For that I do believe the most safe and simple method would be to send directly money to the Stripe account of creators and receive only in admin Stripe account the fee. This is what does for example Dokan marketplace plugin for Wordpress/Woocommerce.
  9. One problem I’m thinking is that you can’t take those payouts as expenses because for that, you would need that each of the creators send you an official invoice with his VAT number/Tax ID, etc. Most of them are not going to be registered as companies or professionals, so they won’t be able to send you an invoice... Here in Spain to can use that as expense you need an invoice. Not sure if the original invoice will be enough. There it’s shown that the site is only taking a fee and not the entire payment. how do you handle that? thanks
  10. Hello, in iOS, if I click on the sharer button, the URL is not auto-highlighted... you have to manually select it and copy. I agree that a direct copy button there as XenForo displays will make things a lot easier. thanks
  11. Hello everyone, I have seen that IPS brings a built-in TAX system, but I'm seeing that after complete a payment that has taxes, Stripe only receives the total amount paid, but not the base price + taxes, in detail. So it's impossible later to know what payments had taxes and how much were those taxes. I've found this setting in Stripe but not sure if changing this will solve this: http://prntscr.com/mthsui If not, is there a way to can start sending Stripe the taxes details with each payment? Thanks
  12. I see there is an option to use PayPal payouts, but if I enable that then withdraws are instant and payment is send directly to creator and I only receive in my account my fee? Thanks
  13. Thanks a lot SJ77. Yes, I see that that plugin is helpful. However, I would still be interested into that owners and creators have their own paypal/stripe account linked and only then can directly receive the funds. I really believe it's a much better solution for both parties. Furthermore, in Spain I'm not 100% sure that I won't have problems with this flow. Because the owner/creator is the one that has to ask manually for a withdraw. While he doesn't do that, the payouts remains in the admin account and someone could think that it never exit from there and that they are not expenses
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