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    ReyDev reacted to Sethhh. in LAXERI theme   
    Great theme and more than all...great support. The gaming world needs such people. Cheers! 🍻
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    ReyDev reacted to OptimusBain in Forum Collection [Tab|Grid]   
    It's awesome. A must have if you are serious about organising forums and it's content. The author replies very fast and fixes everything almost instantaneously. A must have. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks
    ReyDev reacted to livegames.co.il in Social Share Buttons   
    Great app. Great support. 
  4. Thanks
    ReyDev reacted to OptimusBain in Menu PLUS   
    This dropdown menu tool works like a charm. I love it. And the developper is even better. He's very professional and fast fixing any issues. Highly recommended!
  5. Thanks
    ReyDev reacted to Steph40 in LAXERI theme   
    Very nice theme with a lot of options and such a nice and responsive developer. Don't hesitate, buy it now!!
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    ReyDev reacted to gabs007 in Blog Collection   
    It's not a game changer, but it's a must-have for every blog application owner. It works as described.
    I can confirm that blogs have a complete different taste on the front page with the block widget. The widget is more appealing and it's easier to redirect users to the blog entries. 
    It's a simple idea that invision should have added by default to the Blog App long time ago. I'm not using the default theme and it also works perfect with my theme.

    I'd like to thank ReyDev for his time developing this plugin.
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    ReyDev reacted to OptimusBain in Advanced Widget Settings   
    Awesome plugin. It's just perfect. It does what IPS should do by default. It's incomprehensible why IPS doesn't have this funciont built-in.
    Thanks a lot for creating this plugin. I love it. Good job.
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    ReyDev reacted to BankFodder in Menu PLUS   
    Very smart looking application.

    Goodness knows why this functionality has not been included as standard on the Invision platform – but maybe it's a good idea that the job has been undertaken by this developer as he is much more nimble in his support than Invision might be.

  9. Thanks
    ReyDev reacted to Steph40 in Overlay Live Quick Search   
    This is just awesome, bought less then 5 minutes ago and love it!
    Easy to use and customize.
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    ReyDev reacted to Steph40 in Menu PLUS   
    Fantastic app from a fantastic dev. It looks so good I am using the default theme with this from now on.
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    ReyDev reacted to MythonPonty in Forum Collection [Tab|Grid]   
    Perfect App... Exactly what i need. Waiting for an update, but works perfect. 
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    ReyDev reacted to Yannick Lamarre in Menu PLUS   
    Works perfectly and gives a more modern look. Very nice job!
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