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  1. this problem is fixed, and new version was uploaded to approve. Please enable MENU+ in your website and if you dont want to show the logo. you just disable it from admin VALA MENU PLUS > Setting > Logo setting tab > Enable | Disable
  2. VALA Menu PLUS Application This app allows you to change your menu to a dropdown menu using tons of customization options. Please use this topic for support request or suggest new ideas.
  3. Thanks. I think, after confirmation by ips.ui.alert.show, I should add this query (wasConfirmed = 1) to my ajax URL. I tested. it works. That is correct ?
  4. I do exactly that. But the problem is using the confirmDelete() method. That means there is no need to use this method in the controller ?!
  5. I want to delete some data from DB using ajax , In normal case ,I use confirmDelete() to confirm but in ajax , it does not work. How can I do it, confirm and delete?
  6. Version


    This app allows you to change your menu to a dropdown menu using tons of customization options. menuplus2.mp4 Features : Main menu Enable |Disable Enable mobile device mode Use custom theme color Set menu height Background and Link color Hover color (Background and link color) Logo Enable | Disable Set logo image Set alternative text Set image padding Set link Submenu Submenu width Distance between main item and submenu container Background color Link color Hover color (Background and Link) Shadow Border (width | color | radius) Item height Item separator Animation type(fade, zoom ,...) Animation timing (ease, cubic,...) Animation duration RTL supported Mobile device supported Adding the MORE button Automatic management of directions Icon management Enable | Disable Icons Specify icon for MORE button | Enable | Disable Enable placeholder [empty space for items with no icon] Enable | Disable Mobile navigation icons General Menu items supported Account items supported Show language and theme items in the navbar on mobile device Ability to add the theme and language icons at the topbar [Desktop mode] Ability to add the theme and language icons at the userbar [mobile devices] Move the mobile menu icon(Hamburger icon) to the menu bar Ability to set the navigation position: Default Fixed Sticky when scrolling up Enable/Disable the header Add custom Font awesome icon Use Sticky navigation on top in desktop mode Align the title on mobile devices Show/Hide the Breadcrumb [Mobile devices] Add label to the menu items to make them stand out Enable | Disable Multilanguage text font color font size background color RTL supported Mobile devices supported You can see and try DEMO.
  7. for these , you can set position for tooltip: about responsive on mobile , we're working on it , and We will fix it. for now You can create another hotspot and enable it just on mobile with small hotspots (you can set smaller size for them). please look at this: a Hotspot with small spots and text. we've used position for tooltip and smaller spots. For example, I've changed the position of this point to bottom-right and as you can see, it is displayed well
  8. The problem was solved. There were problems in the license section that were resolved after contacting the support department.
  9. I've hooked a theme in my application, And I'm going to add a css file to this theme. I've added the css file ( here : myapp > dev > css ), but it doesn't attach automatically to the theme like plugins. How can I do it?
  10. I've developed an app, And I want to add menu items of this app to this section. How can I do it?
  11. Selector : nav[data-controller='core.front.core.navBar'] > div.ipsNavBar_primary.ipsLayout_container content : {template="navBar" group="plugins" location="global" app="core" params=""} And navBar.phtml is something like this : <ips:template parameters="$preview=FALSE"/> <div> <div class=myMenu"> <ul> <li>Item 1 </li> <li>Item 2 </li> </ul> </div> </div> As I said, It works in developer mode but in production mode doesn't.
  12. Hi, I've created a template hook for a plugin. Everything is ok when I'm in developer mode(IN_DEV = TRUE) but in production mode(IN_DEV = FALSE), I get this error : [[Template core/front/global/navBar is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  13. You can Upload an image, Add the spots with tons of customization options, And you can use the hotspot widget in the frontend. Please check Demo
  14. Thanks. Of course, this app can also be used for this purpose. 🙂 You can use the widget of this app on any page and wherever you want but it can not be added inside the editor. You can use its output as a image (we're working on it) in any editor.
  15. No. But we are going to add a new feature to the app that you can get jpg and png from images and their hotspots and use them wherever you want.
  16. It's a good idea for a LMS system.
  17. This is a special feature and is not currently in our development planning.
  18. I added to the demo after reminding you. Yes, you can set a URL for contents. The spot content is very complete and powerful and supports any content you want Check it please here : http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/online/ Your content can be : simple text with link Image with link Movie ,that you can upload a video or use an external link (youtube , ... ) Text using text editor (you can use the IPS editor to add any content you want ) please look at this screenshot. as you can see, it supports all type of content
  19. Thanks, No application or plugin is required. You can use it wherever you want.
  20. In this hotspot, I used the link You can see it here: http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/online/
  21. Any issues you send us will be resolved as soon as possible. Please send a screenshot of the issue in mobile mode. We are also checking for such cases and all cases will surely be resolved. There are some things that we will add in the new versions. Of course, this app is one of the most complete apps in similar widgets on other platforms. But we will make it better.
  22. You can definitely use link with text and image .You can also use text using Text Editor (it can be html) and video as well . You can add any type of content.
  23. Thanks for the reminder. I will add now.
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