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    Fierce God reacted to opentype in Allow referral commission for renewals   
    One general point about this function from last year:
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    Fierce God reacted to Tom S. in Allow referral commission for renewals   
    This week I've been trying to implement the built in referrals feature from IPS and I just keep coming across limitation after limitation. It begs the question; does any one actually use this...
    So, another improvement I would like to suggest is that you add the option to allow referrers to earn commission on renewals of a product and not just the initial sale. 
    Sadly, these limitations are stacking up and I may have to go ahead and build my own system 😕 
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    Fierce God reacted to Matt in Blog dissapointment   
    As Andy said, the blog application is really about collaborative blogging whereas we are just blogging for ourselves.

    What would be your top 5 blog features on a wish list?
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    Fierce God got a reaction from TAMAN in Pages Clan Wars [ support topic ]   
    @TAMAN hopes it's ok to make a feature suggestion here
    Can you maybe think about a add on to this as a Leaderboard of some type?
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Maxxius in (DF42) Members Social Info (Support Topic)   
    any way you can make this integrate with 3rd party apps?
    I have a few members that are full time active and would like to see their info show on some of the non core apps we have 
    Main apps members want their info on is:
    I have both of these and they run full force on the site
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    Fierce God got a reaction from SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    Thank you for considering
    this will be highly usable for ppl like us (Gaming Communities)
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    Fierce God reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    Unfortunately, sending notifications from clubs is not yet possible. However, we will surely consider such feature while working on future updates 🙂
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Clubs - permissions   
    @HCICT I would recommend not to use the setting the Show Club Content Areas: Throughout the community if you have a large number of forums in clubs. It is a resource killer: it will add all forums you have permission to view on index so if you have 100 forums in clubs, it will show 100 forums on index + what you already have. There are some topics about it. Here is one of them:
    Btw, not saying that to sell my resource, no. Just make a search and you will see.
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Make Topics a Default tab in Clubs   
    Another useful feature would be a setting to delete empty clubs (without any feature) in X days.
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Make Topics a Default tab in Clubs   
    Not really... just showing you a way to make it right now. Anyway, you have posted in the right forum; now it's just wait.
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    Fierce God reacted to opentype in Make Topics a Default tab in Clubs   
    I understand where you are coming from with this, but pondering default tabs isn’t the right solution. 
    An empty club can indeed be confusing. This could be solved by having an “assistant process” started when clubs were just created. Just like the Complete Your Profile feature. It could tell the owner on the main page “You haven’t added any sections to your clubs yet. Do that now.” … “You haven’t invited any members yet. Here is a link to do that” and so on. 
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    Fierce God reacted to Daniel F in Make Topics a Default tab in Clubs   
    Yea, just set whatever tab you want to have as default one to the first position:)
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Make Topics a Default tab in Clubs   
    You can’t set a tab as default but you move them to set your desired order. 
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    Fierce God reacted to bfarber in (.webp) images support   
    As it happens, this is on an internal discussion tracklist - but there's nothing else to report right now. I can't say if support will be included in any specific upcoming release yet.
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    Fierce God reacted to Elshara Silverheart in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    Thank you for tagging me in the topic. I should've come here earlier, but I'm new to IPS so am not quite sure how it all works yet as far as the community goes. But I really love what I see here.
    I love how observational and attentive you are. Your consideration of my ideas here means I'm already hooked but also appreciate your talent and ability to engage in people, as you treat us like we matter as not just consumers, but admins and community relations managers with people, members, and valued users of the forums.
    Here's some more features to consider if you think of it.
    1. Import from chatbox. Settings, posts and existing content if available.
    2. Add integration with blogs, articles and other databases.
    3. Add the ability for admins to be able to customize what chat sound appears.
    4. Add the ability for users to be able to invite other users to a specific chat room.
    5. Add seen, read, unread notifications.
    6. Add the ability to bookmark posts so if users or admins are reading lengthy conversations, you can bookmark your place or just highlight archived messages you wish to view later on.
    7. Be able to quote users, as well as mention them in chat. And have this work on a multi-chat room basis.
    8. Integrate chat with notifications system, so members get chat notifications when ever they are mentioned or receive a private message or an invitation.
    9. Integrate notifications idea with email that is optional.
    10. Integrate paid chat with nexus integration. This would be very useful for customer support and product feedback channels.
    11. Create a live chat alternative, where staff can talk to users one on one so make users have a one way communication with staff. then integrate that system with nexus support tickets.
    12. Add a multiple users documentation system. Where members can communicate in a room in real time, and then merdge each post into an article and submit it. Would also work for topics, where a representing user or groups of users are able to create custom posts by optionally not including members name or date sent in the article. Would work with my convert chat room to article or topic idea.
    13. Enable custom fields display for profile fields or other field types. So for instance, a custom chat field type would be location. Where rooms of users could automatically be set if people share a similar location. And or drop down value.
    14. Allow users to block themselves from being included or mentioned in a chat room. This works separately from the ban system, in that they aren't banned, they just ignore it.
    15. Create a statistics area for chat messages. Number of users online in which rooms, and rooms users may have in common with other users.
    16. Add chat as a stream option to activity, following and search for custom notification settings.
    17. Add total number of online users in all chat rooms with member photos as an option.
    18. Have chat create custom actions. For example, sending 15 messages to a specific user would open a bot based pop up asking the chatting member if they wish to follow that user.
    19. Merge profile activity comments with chat. that way replying directly to a comment (new feature idea) could show up on someone's profile page as an activity comment or in their chat box if the user chooses to display conversation history.
    20. Allow members to post in multiple chat rooms at once. this is useful, for when you wish to forward messages, or simply wish to make an announcement to save time.
    21. Optionally place an online indicator at the top of the chatroom, rather than at the bottom. Or let admins decide what information is included per chat display order.
    22. Allow the chat post message area to be at the top or bottom of the chat room. Or let it scroll with you in case you wish to hover over a post to reply to it.
    23. Allow members to choose their own chat display order. this way they see messages in an order they prefer.
    24. Allow chat to have custom pagination. this way, posts appear live as they are created, but when viewing history, there could be a tab to have chat be in read only mode.
    25. Allow rooms to have their own custom buttons on the text editor. this includes deciding how the enter key works. It also includes optionally displaying the button to send a message, or automatically send it.
    26. Have custom emoticons support. Where each chat room could in effect, have its own theme.
    27. Allow members to choose a background image for chat rooms they create. this way, they can personalize their chat experience.
    28. Allow members to leave chat rooms they're already in. This way, they can come and go at will like groups.
    29. Allow chat rooms to be able to message members whether they're online or not. This way, messages members could receive as such, could appear in rooms they previously joined, but were not there to view at the time. This is similar to member mentions feature, but the difference here is, the notifications could be forwarded to members each time they are quoted, mentioned or linked.
    30. Chat subscribers. Allow members to optionally subscribe to a chat room, and receive chat logs.
    31. Allow member created rooms to include custom moderators.
    32. Allow the ability to merge or split rooms based on number of people, messages or other areas.
    33. Allow silent mode, where members will only see room activity if they're mentioned in any room without having to be online in it.
    34. Allow members to type in different colors.
    35. Allow members to invite their friends to chat from social media.
    36. Integrate rocket chat with chat rooms so that chat integration provided by other chats just extend rooms from a custom API.
    37. Allow chat to have times of the day when it is closed to messages.
    38. Allow chat to be dependent on checking to see if any guest is viewing the chat page. Don't auto load messages if nobody is currently viewing a room.
    39. Allow members to customize chat in their language using google Translate.
    40. Allow chat to be renamed to something else, like conversations or interactions.
    41. Make it so that clicking on a user's profile takes you straight to a model window where you can choose if you want to view their profile, moderate their chat experience if available or start private chat. this eliminates the need to have a form where you need to enter a members name to chat with.
    42. Allow chat to be limited to friends or followers of a given member if any.
    43. Have a chat widget that loads from admin and moderator control panels.
    44. Integrate chat with the reactions system.
    45. Integrate chat with the rating system.
    46. Allow chat to have custom polls assigned. that way, voting is done live with users who are interested.
    47. Make chat viewable to only people who are of a certain age, location or have made so many posts, or joined within so many days of the community. Some of this can be done already using user groups, but make this independent of the promotion system so that chat appears as an option for user group creation and editing.
    48. Keep being awesome. Pat yourself on the back for a job well doing.
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    No problem and thanks.
    There is a lot there but there are some good idea's, I will go through them all and see what I can pull up, there is a coupe things it already does like the colour of the text you can set it via the editor and the moderators you can go to the ACP and moderators then create a new one set it to either a user group or certain members and only allow them to moderate xyz chatroom, It's a good list though and nothing I like better then new ideas for my stuff, I got a couple things to do then I will start a new update for this 😀
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    Once I wirk out the best way, it might have to be overall online as there could be lots of chatrooms
    if the user logs in anonymously then they will be anonymous in the online list, Admins can see anonymous users
    they are not in the search history but they are shown in their profiles content section
    I'll see what I can do with that
    @Elshara Silverheart easier to reply to you here then we can chat properly
    Like this idea to convert topics or rooms to the forums etc, I'll look into that
    I could look into some settings etc for users, also it already allows files uploaded

    bad words will be included in a update, it will work alongside the IPS bad words filters, Mobile app would be good, I canonly make android apps though 😀 but they will be full site not just the chat app
    this is something else I will be looking into for a future release as well, No promises with that but it will be something I will turn my time to
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    Fierce God reacted to gabs007 in Taking profile completion/group promotions to the next level   
    Achieving a new group level can, sometimes, include a series of "prezies" linked and deserved with such rank. Sometimes users are unaware of that.
    When members pay a subscription that allows them to have his own gallery, his own blog or his own club, it's very possible that they immediately start creating the content they paid for. It makes sense.
    I think the "group promotion" tool in the ACP should also allow the admin to display those achievements, adding a window similar to the "profile completion", but warning or forcing or suggesting the user to create the new content they are allowed now. Gallery is an example, but it could be a club, a file, a blog or posting a new a forum section, even a third party application or a database. 
    What I say is that "group promotions" could include more options at the end of the process like suggesting users to create or explore the new assets. Right now, group promotions only moves the user to the next group level, but it doesn't even warn him/her and "profile completion" doesn't allow admins to suggest users to create content like galleries, database entries or blog entries, for example.
    It can be useful, especially when you are encouraging users to create content. A rule could be... if a user reaches the "gold group" they will be forced to create their own club or their own blog or their own gallery .. or one of those 3 things. What I try to say is if you encourage participation and you have a user that reaches a milestone, then the tools should encourage him/her to keep working with the new features. Right now, unless you use a complex set of conditions in the "rule application", most of the milestones are silent. 
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    Fierce God reacted to Matt in Why not offer push notifications solution   
    Sales figures mean nothing sadly. There's little point investing a lot of energy into a system that does not work on one of the top two phone platforms.
    I think we're on Web 5.0 by now.

    I would agree, other than push notifications which require an app for iOS.
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    Fierce God reacted to bfarber in Only have social media handlers as connect option   
    It's not possible out of the box - that's not really how social media login handlers are intended to work, and as such is not a functionality included in Invision Community.
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    Fierce God reacted to Dean_ in Auto Welcome Support   
    I'm also facing double posting, and still facing this issue below..
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    Fierce God reacted to gabs007 in Clubs Enhancements   
    Sorry to be the one asking for more features (I hate it,)  but ...  
    would it be possible to add the option to allow  members of the club to write blog entries for the blogs in clubs ?
    Right now, only the club leader (or any moderator of the website) can write in a blog included in a club. 
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    Fierce God reacted to TAMAN in Pages Clan Wars [ support topic ]   
    Well, could be css conflict. you can check which one causes the issue by disabling the plugins and apps one by one.
    or simply ignore it and leave the code i gave you in custom.css 🙂 
    But i would really like to know which plugin or app causes the css conflict lol
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    Fierce God reacted to TAMAN in Pages Clan Wars [ support topic ]   
    You haven't edited anything in the theme css files? 
    the clan wars css styles arent same as default they look have been edited 😕 
    This has been deleted in your side
    .cw_Team, .cw_teamOpponent, .cw_recordDisplay .cw_teamLogo, .cw_vsWrap, .cw_recordDisplay .cw_VS, .cw_recordDisplay .cw_VS > span, .cw_date .cw_d-time, .cw_recordDisplay .cw_teamName { display: inline-block; } Add that in custom.css and see if it works 
    if it works then that means the clan wars plugin css is still modified and you need to revert the css templates or remove the plugin and then reinstall it again 
  25. Thanks
    Fierce God reacted to TAMAN in Pages Clan Wars [ support topic ]   
    Try to reinstall the plugin 
    only the plugin. you do not need to touch anything in Pages app.
    You might have accidentally deleted some codes in the plugin css file in theme templates 🙂 
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