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    Fierce God reacted to Davyc in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    This is an excellent piece of kit - works as intended and then some.  Very easy to set up once you understand how it all works - I'm still adding bits to it as I find out more and the more you find out the better it becomes.
    The only thing I had to do outside the options was to change some of the CSS settings to better suit my needs; other than this I cannot fault the application at all.
    Great work! Highly recommended.
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    Fierce God reacted to ssaeth_merged in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    Great application and great support    
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    Fierce God reacted to GrooveOnBeat in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    Product: Videobox is an outstanding application. Customization to look and feel, a top product.
    Support: I must say that onlyME provides exceptional support. To pinpoint and resolve issues, onlyME goes all out and beyond the product itself. I'm very pleased with the purchase.
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    Fierce God reacted to Arai in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    5 stars is too less, 10 is more like it..
    Full featured application with outstanding support, this is one of the best software on the Marketplace.
    It's really worth it, I've never seen anything as amazing as this application.
    Great job, great support. Definitely a must buy!
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    Fierce God reacted to Surpac in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    Awesome application
    A+ support
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    Fierce God reacted to ric4rdo in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    This app is phenomenal.
    My site was only created because of this application otherwise it would just be a dream
    Support is the best and the author is always looking for new updates
    I recommend.
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    Fierce God reacted to JoshB84 in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    Highly Recommended!! Best Videos application on the market place with amazing 5 Star Support!!
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Stranger 2.0 in Oblivion dark theme with blue focus   
    I have to admit, i have went through quite a bit of themes here in the Marketplace,
    But hands down, @jcdesign is the best so far in a fluid theme
    His support is OFF the CHAIN, and no other theme Dev that has a paid theme has support like him!
    I highly recommend all of his themes and for everyone to be on the lookout for better and more to come!
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    Fierce God reacted to liquidfractal in Group Collaboration - FULL   
    After testing Collabs for a couple of days, I am really impressed with the breadth and scope of this app.  Mind you, I'm still testing and figuring out what I can and can't do (specifically with reference to the relation between the Collab and the main site with the various apps).  But once you get your Collabs (or Domains in my case) up and running, you can really get a sense of what you can do in terms of the granular permissions available for each domain.  Sure, there are things I'd like to see which aren't there, and a few minor cosmetic issues, but that's why there are updates.  Reading the support section, it's great to see someone so open to feedback from his clients as well.
    I was going to give Collabs 4 stars for one reason: the lack of documentation.  This is an app that could really benefit from some clear, straightforward documentation, even if it's just to explain the concepts behind it, e.g., the relationship of container categories to other containers and domains, the process of extracting content back to the main site, etc (especially where Pages is concerned).  However, what bumped it back up to 5 stars was @Kevin Carwile's unflinching dedication to answering the questions his clients ask of him.  Truly impressive, especially with a n00b like me who has lots of questions which likely have already been dealt with!
    There are a lot of larger companies and corporations which could seriously take a page from Kevin's book re:  the dedication to customer support and knowledge in the replies I get.  I'm happy to support this product as Invision moves into 4.2 and beyond!
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    Fierce God reacted to Unlucky in (SD) Advanced Ads   
    Just had to say I only bought this today but already see the huge potential to increase revenue by using it
    This is a must have plugin for anyone who uses the advert system.
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    Fierce God reacted to Alexander Scott in Twitch Login Method   
    I uploaded all the files correctly and nothing appears. Pls update. I'm on
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    Fierce God reacted to TheSkyLounge.tv in Twitch Login Method   
    Worked great up until the latest IP4 release, IP support staff disabled it saying it was incompatible. Looking forward to an update!
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    Fierce God reacted to ZLTRGO in Twitch Login Method   
    I can NOT chose "Twitch" in the Login Handles, it is not appearing there at all even tho i successfully done all other steps.
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    Fierce God reacted to PatrickGER64 in Twitch Login Method   
    doesent work on IPS 4.1.10
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