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    Fierce God got a reaction from kmk in Chat Application   
    @TheJackal84 you the Real MVP for this
    I have a competitor on here and can't disclose what we have this app for, but our members are loving it, 
    no complaints, everything has been working fine, and works smooth with our other exclusive apps on our Gaming Community website
    And by the suggestions in the support topic, if you could implement them (Voice first plz!) then this will be the Chat App of the Year! 
    If anyone is using IPS, and doesn't want their website to go dead due to Discord, then this app is a MUST HAVE! (Speaking from a Gaming Community Opinion)
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    Fierce God reacted to Vianney Gantelmi in (NB44) Translate. Filter By App/Plugin   
    That should be a native feature.
    Thanks !!
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in (NB44) Translate. Filter By App/Plugin   
    A must have if you need to translate the suite! 👏
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    Fierce God reacted to ahc in (NB44) Translate. Filter By App/Plugin   
    I'd give this more stars if I could.  This makes it so easy to not only translate for other languages, but help change the default language if you want to rename certain elements of the suite.
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    Fierce God reacted to PatrickZ in Bug Tracker and Suggestions Tracker   
    Honestly a bit disappointed. There is even a free Version of exactly this available at the Forums - this is basically a txt file of the Instructions.
    Also, the Permissions and some Settings are wrong.
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Spanner in (SD) Live Streams   
    If i could give this a 1000 stars i would
    We have been looking for an advanced stream app for yrs, and have found one, and will be sticking with it.
    The support that this author and his company provides is beyond expectations, and is very patient with us OCD and picky customers, lol
    But in all we highly recommend this App, EVERY single one of their apps...... (Pssstttt........this app integrates awesome with their Game Key App) See how it works!)
    Oh by the way, they make Custom Advanced Apps - Try them out
    Looking forward to future updates and added features
    Keep up the awesome work @Spanner
    (4.4 and 4.4.1 compatible 100%)
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    Fierce God got a reaction from doc in Evoplayze   
    Love this theme so far
    The author is quick to help with any support and tweaks a purchaser needs
    lol, not gonna lie, i put him thru the ringer on things about my theme..........He handled it with 100% EXCEPTIONAL support and patience!!!
    My hat goes off to @doc for one, making themes....and two, making a theme that is different from all the other same looking themes here. 
    We are looking forward to more work he puts out in the marketplace
    deserves 10 stars to be honest
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    Fierce God reacted to SJ77 in Spirit 2 - Startup Template   
    This is an awesome idea. There is nothing else like it in the MarketPlace
    @Brian A. has created a systematic way to bring the power of bootstrap css layouts to IPB and made the creation of it's components automatic for users.
    Basically you have a Bootstrap 12 col grid that you can drop blocks into in order to create a beautiful homepage. Very good idea.
    At time of this writing there are still a few issues but I think this has huge potential. Support has been A++
    If you need a way to make a great looking and flexible home page, you should buy this.
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    Fierce God reacted to Soulrez in [IPS 4.3] Discord Login Handler   
    Works perfect! By the way, is there a way I can display a user's Discord login info on their user info panel? Thanks in advance.
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    Fierce God reacted to NNZF.IO in Xenon Landing theme (dark)   
    I bought this theme two weeks ago and after a few adjustments on my test board, I installed it on my production board.
    And believe me !!  This theme has been adopted by all members of my community.
    This theme is modern, the home page is visually simple.
    This theme is wonderful, one of the most beautiful theme I've installed

    Thank you so much for the work @jcdesign
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    Fierce God reacted to Unlucky in Chocolate   
    Do not buy this - there has been no support since December 2018
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    Fierce God reacted to TheRealHerogus in Chocolate   
    Good team and very nice features! looking forward to updates!
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    Fierce God got a reaction from onlyME in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    This so awesome that @onlyME is such a great author of Apps, this app is the best by far for all of videos and streams.....thx for the new update to support Smashcast!!
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    Fierce God reacted to Madekozu in (BIM) Youtube Importer   
    A powerful tool to provide your community with videos. Works right away without problems.
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    Fierce God reacted to Janyour in (BIM) Youtube Importer   
    5 stars for support and this great plugin that help us to populate our training videos pages from youtube!
    thanks !
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Veilon in ☂️ Zeron - Amazing gaming style   
    Out all and the newest theme, this is one of the Best Themes by this Author & Studio.
    Just wish the 4.2 would come out since a new theme was just released for....4.2
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    Fierce God reacted to root88 in 🌃 Veizor - Innovative gaming style   
    It's extremaly bugged as written in support topic.
    There's absolutely no support.
    There are no *psd files.
    It's not worth $23 if you want to use it on real, usable site.
    ...but still it's nice looking, dark theme.
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    Fierce God reacted to nodle in Easy mention   
    Works great, should be in the code by default.
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    Fierce God reacted to joshuaj in VideoBox - Video & Livestream Sharing Platform   
    Really nice app. I have set up a section on my site for Twitch Streamers. The author is open to suggestions and ideas to improve the app. Highly recommend.
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    Fierce God reacted to Joey_M in Easy mention   
    Brilliant plugin, and the fact it's FREE - well praise goes to @motomac because it's a useful addition.
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Brian A. in Eclipse by ThemeTree   
    Off the Chain, with real deal 24hr support for all their themes!!
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    Fierce God reacted to Joey_M in (NB41) Who To Follow   
    This will help engage a more social element to my site by encouraging people to follow other members, this is a feature which IPS currently doesn't utilise as much as they should - especially with the considered view that forums/communities are dead/retro.
    Very good community addition, I highly recommend it.
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    Fierce God reacted to Azurette in Pages SuperList   
    Very nice!! Thank you!
  24. Thanks
    Fierce God got a reaction from Fosters in Partner Page   
    @Fosters is one of the few Authors/Devs that i hold a high respect for when it comes to Apps/Plugins
    This app has potential to have some really great add on's to it, it's already awesome and stand out, but Fosters is a Company that aims to keep it's customers happy
    thank you for this @Fosters, keep up the awesome work 
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    Fierce God got a reaction from TAMAN in Pages Clan Wars   
    @TAMAN always make good Plugins/apps/Templates
    I use a lot of his  work and they all work 100%
    His support is A-1 because he won't stop until he has made right what the customer has done wrong or maybe that something he missed........his instructions are easy to understand, and i highly recommend his work to anyone....even first timers like me! 
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