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    Noble~ reacted to Sonya* in Has the Coronavirus effected your life?   
    Yes, I leave in Germany. As I have written above, single parents had to abandon their jobs often unpaid, children from poor families do not become their free meal any more, there is no social control for the maltreated kids, there is no solution for home schooling of the kids in uneducated families, there is no help from from youth welfare office (Jugendämter) because of contact lock. If you have intact family, then you have a self-responsibility and you do the best, but lot of families out there are not. 
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    Noble~ reacted to Davyc in Has the Coronavirus effected your life?   
    I left this discussion ten pages back because of the too and fro of some members attempting to validate their opinions.  I now feel comfortable enough to return and add a few thoughts.
    No, that is not so - we are in lockdown in an attempt to prevent the spread of the disease; there are a number of people who believe the rules do not apply to them and if they continue to flout the rules (which are actually law now) then a more strict regime of measures will be deployed.  What that means and what they are will not be know until they are announced.
    The disappointing news out lately is that the antibody testing kits that were supposed to be of great benefit have all failed - all of them. The best of the bunch only has a 30% success rate and even that it being questioned because of the false positives being discovered.
    One of the themes throughout this discussion is that this virus is just the flu and we don't take these extreme measures when the flu season is upon us.  The point to understand is that we have vaccines for the flu and despite this there are still thousands of deaths each year.  We have no vaccine for Covid-19 as yet, and those who have had the virus and recovered and therefore have an assumed built-up immunity to the virus, there is the question mark as to how long that immunity lasts and whether they can contract the virus again.
    The Imperial College of London released a projection model which makes for both interesting and disturbing reading; it may only be a projection model but it is still sobering when you consider that at its worst 40 million people could have potentially died from this virus; link below:
    As of today 6th April 2020 the number of UK deaths has now passed the 5,000 mark and as one 'at risk' person with underlying health issues stated "I have at least 15 years or more life left, but if I get this virus I am dead" - so whilst a greater proportion of the deaths fall into the 'at risk' groups and the elderly, we have also seen younger, fit and healthy people die from this virus.
    Our own Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has the virus and self isolated for the recommended 7 days, now at ten days he has been admitted to hospital because of ongoing symptoms, so the isolation period may have to be revised.
    A vaccine may be available soon, but with testing added into the timescale it may still be many months away - it would be pointless issuing an untested vaccine into the wild as it may prove to be one of three - useless, dangerous or it works.  It would be like playing a game of Russian Roulette.
    It must be heartbreaking for all those families who have lost loved ones because of this virus and my heart goes out to them, often with tears of sadness for their loss, which I can empathise with.  We can't be too complacent about this virus as there are three words that are continuously used throughout the medical profession and Governments when questioned on a variety of subjects surrounding this pandemic: "We don't know"
    I also feel that it is unfair to compare how other countries are handling this outbreak, every country affected and every Government of those countries are doing the best that they can under the circumstances. No one was well prepared for this, some have coped better than most and are helping others where they can.  It's virtually impossible to prepare for an unknown, so I commend all the countries affected for doing the best that they can under these unforeseen circumstances.  Perhaps we will not be so complacent in future times when it comes to managing our health care systems and research facilities, as well as policing those areas and regions that spawn these viruses.
    Thanks for reading and I hope you and your families and friends all stay safe and that this crises ends sooner rather than later.
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    Noble~ reacted to Adriano Faria in Job Board App ?   
    Pages is always the answer if you want a basic CRUD (create, read, update and delete records); easily achievable with Pages. If you want something else and it can be a lot of stuff, then an app is the best solution.
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    Noble~ reacted to Rhett in Has the Coronavirus effected your life?   
    Please stop guys and gals, you are being ridiculous. Please be respectful, and if you have nothing nice to say, listen to your mother and don't say anything at all.  Is it really worth being banned over?  Let me answer that for you, no it's not.  🙂   
    Please be respectful and be safe!  
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    Noble~ reacted to HeadStand in Newsletters   
    You want to set up your newsletter with a Manual Content piece first. You wouldn't do this in the template, you would do this when you build your newsletter content.
    The download includes full documentation for this modification. Please take a look at the "Newsletter Content" section beginning on page 7. If you have further questions, feel free to PM me or post them here.
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    Noble~ reacted to Mike John in Portal   
    Not currently possible unless IPS adds support for widget areas on both sides of IPB, not just the right.
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    Noble~ reacted to InvisionHQ in Classifieds System   
    This is not possible now, but I like the idea.
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    Noble~ reacted to Lindy in Rate My Thingy   
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    Noble~ reacted to Davyc in Show us your IPB 4 sites!   
    Thank you, and thank you for joining up too - always great to welcome a fellow Trekker. I believe (and hope) that Picard will blossom in the fullness of time as the series unfolds.  It's pretty much unlike any other ST series in that instead of episodic adventures, each episode is part of a much bigger story - like chapters in a book.  I'm loving it, just as I have enjoyed all Trek; some are better than others, but it's like chocolate to me - mmmm.
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    Noble~ reacted to Davyc in Show us your IPB 4 sites!   
    Have finally managed to add all of the seasons and episodes for Star Trek and Stargate.  Even managed to get a few actor profiles added. And the front page is just about how I envisaged it to be.  Still a WIP with more to do.
    Next is getting people to sign up and engage with each other (the really hard part lol) and adding more content.
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    Noble~ reacted to Chris59 in Show us your IPB 4 sites!   
    Me and sons family page about our motorsport *drifting* 
    Totally new . https://attackteam.se 
    Hopefully some other drifting nerds find our homepage and join in Sweden  😂
    Anyway is always fun setting up a new IPSuite site .
    Cheers Chris
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    Noble~ reacted to Matt in Blew Lindy's mind   
    How to test "Blowing Lindy's mind?"

    Probably get annoyed enough over a joke and post about it should do the trick. 😄 
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    Noble~ got a reaction from aXen | 1s2k in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    PM Sent
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    Noble~ reacted to Matt in Blew Lindy's mind   
    I can’t say. 
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    Noble~ reacted to Sonya* in Any updates here? ;)   
    Hi, I have seen you are making a lot of updates to your framework. How about posting these updates in this clubs as well? 
    Let's see if somebody gets my topic here 

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    Noble~ reacted to aXen | 1s2k in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    I see an error. The patch will be in the next beta version. Thanks for reporting.
    @Noble~ I'm thinking of fixing this error all the time. An obstacle is the lack of a defined ID group for guests. I need to write an additional code, which will postpone the correction date to the next week. I'm so sorry.
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    Noble~ got a reaction from aXen | 1s2k in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    see attached

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    Noble~ reacted to aXen | 1s2k in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    @ahc, @Noble~, @kmk The beta version is now available. Your ideas have been included in it.
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    Noble~ reacted to fix3r in [GT] Members | Group Enhancements   
    Made some Badges...

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    Noble~ reacted to AlexWebsites in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    Some block ideas for logged in members, I like what’s has been done here and was thinking of doing something like this in pages. 
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    Noble~ reacted to TheJackal84 in Landing Page ( Support Topic )   
    No it uses the same widget sections as IPS, I am not to sure if on Pages you can make a page with widgets on both sides, If you can then you can do it that way and add the blocks as widgets on the pages page
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    Noble~ reacted to Lindy in Push for Mobile first   
    We appreciate the feedback, exchange of ideas and overall dialogue. I believe the original question has been addressed and this topic has run its course and we're just heading downhill at this point. There are various admin sites that serve as a platform to exchange comparisons between platforms and bounce around ideas. You're also welcome to continue the exchange via PM (with civility, of course.)
    As noted, 2020 is about bringing more modern elements to the platform - including UI changes to 4.5 and the introduction of a mobile app. There are 18 years of customer history to account for and it's not a switch that can be flipped overnight, however, we are very pleased with the present and are looking forward to the future. We feel most of you will as well. 🙂 
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    Noble~ reacted to opentype in The Challenges of Online Communities   
    My favorite blueprint to solve all of this would be YouTube. They do it the “smart” way. For every video I stumble upon, they save the channels, tags and other meta data and the next time I return, the home page and the sidebar will be full of content I am probably interested in. They keep me there in a seamless and organic way—not through auto-subscriptions, not through tons of emails and onsite-notifications—just through understanding what I like and offering it in a way that doesn’t require anything on my part. In fact, they actually make sure to NOT send me notifications for all my subscriptions so it’s not overwhelming. 
    I understand that our PHP/MySQL-based system can’t be as powerful, but we could still go in that direction. The content already has tags. Content sections like forums, Pages databases and categories could easily get them. Storing the latest or most-visited tags per user and showing random content based on that sounds doable. 
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    Noble~ got a reaction from kmk in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    Is there a way to turn the slider on for guests and off once the user logs in? currently its the other way around unless im missing something.
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    Noble~ reacted to Joel R in Merry Christmas to One and All   
    Happy Holidays to everyone, wherever you may be 🙂  ❄️ 🎁
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