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    anon2020 reacted to Adriano Faria in Music   
    I’ll set up a test account on my board and I’ll send you credentials via private message today later/tomorrow in the morning. 
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    anon2020 got a reaction from Greek76 in ThreadStarter: Music   
    I think I was rushed to buy the app. I was hoping that I could personally add the information of the musicians and artists without having to rely on an external database.

    Also I can't find where to configure the app, I'm useless 🙈
    EDIT: mi problema ha sido que no leí esto:
    I wish I could use only one thread for each artist. The first post with the general information of the artist, and each album of his discography as responses to the thread dedicated to that artist. I can't import the information from the albums of "TheAudioDB online database", if I don't create a separate thread for each album. Can you make any changes to the code of the "ThreadStarter: Music 1.1.4" application to make it do this?
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    anon2020 reacted to Paul E. in IPS and cloudflare   
    We have found that a page rule to turn off cache/etc. for the ACP was necessary, especially when installing plugins/applications directly (rather than via Marketplace integration).
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    anon2020 reacted to batarjal in ThreadStarter: Music   
    Hello @anon2020
    A discography is planned for the future. It would show name and release date of each album and link automatically to a topic for any given album if one exists.
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    anon2020 reacted to opentype in Improved Clubs Enhancements   
    Older versions for all Marketplace product are now in the Changelog section.

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    anon2020 reacted to InvisionHQ in Improved Clubs Enhancements   
    Yes, for sure.
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    anon2020 reacted to Ramsesx in Smaller font size here?   
    I added this into my custom.css file:
    .ipsType_normal {
        font-size: 15px !important;
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    anon2020 reacted to Heosforo in ¿Tienen sección en español?   
    Creo que no se puede usar el español, a menos que agregues el texto traducido al ingles debajo.
    I think you can not use Spanish, unless you add the text translated into English below.
    Estoy de acuerdo, estaria genial un subforo en español.
    I agree, It would be great a spanish subforum.
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    anon2020 reacted to 111111111 in ¿Tienen sección en español?   
    ¿Podríamos armar un tema para los usuarios en español? ¿Que opinan?
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