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  1. Thanks for reaching out! We transitioned over to this forum in December and added everyone at that time in at once but we have new members get added in sometimes daily since then. We originally isolated and sent to those from that original transition and sent a reminder to them that we haven't seen them visit but I had to do some manual manipulation to make that list work. Going forward, we'd like to have an email go out if they haven't ever logged in after a specific time frame and because people are coming in daily, there is no way with the current parameters to isolate people who have never logged in because if we use "last visited more than a 30 days" (for example), then it will pull people who may have visited at some point but just not in the last 30 days. No matter how I've played around with the parameters of filtering between member joined date and member last visiting, I'm not able to get an accurate list. Just adding the "never visited" since it is already tracked would be so much clearer and easier to use.
  2. We are looking for a way to pull a list of people added to the site but have never accessed their account or logged in. We've been told there isn't a report that would give us this information but we did notice that when we log into particular user's accounts, there is an indication on it that says "Never Logged In" (see attached screenshare) so it seems to already be tracking that. I'd like to submit a request for an upgrade to have the "Never Logged in" added as a radio button on the bulk mail options of "Members Last Visited" (see attached screenshare). Would make sending out a follow up reminder to members a whole lot easier for us. Thanks! Thanks!
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