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  1. Hello everyone, I don't know about you, but as a forum owner selling subscription plans and products, I will have to generate lot of invoices and download all of them. However ACP will not do any of that, I know IPS is not an accounting software but it just doesn't have the minimum requirements to get the work done to deliver to the accountant. I don't know about other forum owners selling products and subscriptions, but I have from 500 invoices every quarter. And there is not a way to download all the invoices, not even the possibility of manually generating a PDF of a single invoi
  2. I have upgraded to 4.5 beta 6 but my site still needs a few weeks of more work.
  3. Is there a mobile application that can be used with IP Invision? I have 4.5 beta 5 installed but I've seen no option to download or configure a mobile application. How can I do that?
  4. I am struggling with many of the error messages seen throughout Invision Community. Many of these errors are default errors used everywhere without paying attention to the context. Let me tell you what I am doing so you can see what I mean. I created a Page with a database, added some categories and records. Then one of those categories will have a permission different to the database so that only a certain User Group can see it. It’s homework for a course that only members that are within User Group X can have access to. Throughout IPS the error messages are usually out of cont
  5. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. Sorry for my dummy questions, I am not an expert or a programmer. What I see in ACP -> Pages -> Templates is code. I can't interpret code. I was asking about the location in the MySQL database of the records added in SuperHelp so I can edit the time and date for the entries. Sorry again for my dummy question
  6. One last question, should I want to edit the records and database added using SuperHelp, where should I look for them? I am logged in PHPMySQL and want to edit the time/data of a record to make the change from there, but I can't find the place where to edit the structure added using SuperHelp. Thanks a lot for your time and support
  7. Is this application compatible with IPS v 4.5 ? I am using 4.5 beta 4 and love this application
  8. I am using Stripe and PayPal. Both payment gateways have headquarters in Europe and other countries, independent from the US.
  9. I am not going to pay them for that either!! 🙂
  10. The sticky notes look impressive! I love it. I am creating my first forum and would love to use it. I am using 4.5 beta 4 because it has many of the features that I wanted for my forum. I would love to purchase Sticky Notes but I would like to know if it is compatible with 4.5 version. If not, will it be soon? Thanks a lot
  11. Ignore my questions... Thanks a lot.. Edited and deleted content
  12. SuperHelp is working great, I am creating a course using it. I just need to do order the records but I can't find how. Once I've added a record, there is no way to order it. I mean, I am adding a sequential list of topics and lessons and sometimes I want to change the order but I just can't, the order cannot be change. I can see in the list of records added to the page that there is a publishing date, probably there is an internal publish time but when the record is edited there is no way to change the date/time of the record. The plugin orders the records alphabetically or by publis
  13. Is there are estimated release date for version 4.5? Thanks
  14. Does auto welcome support IPS 4.5 beta 4? Thanks a lot
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