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  1. @BankFodderi don't understand why you would buy a copy outside of IPS if you have paid for it once in the past. What we need to know is why @TheJackal84has not updated the plugin yet. I know there could be many reasons due to the world situation we are going through right now. But he has said twice that the plugin has been been updated and tis been more than a month and the update hasn't been approved and he is not very communicative. It doesn't smell good at all, there is more to what is being said but only he can tell about it.
  2. It's been like two weeks since the developer said he had submitted the update to IPS. I've not received any notification. Does it take so long? I've received notifications of a few other plugins and it took like 3-4 days. This one has already taken 2 weeks as of today
  3. Any plans to update this plugin for 4 5? Thanks
  4. Good day, Is it possible to create blocks of different sizes in the same row? Is it a template or you just drag each block and set the size for each of them as you wish? I want to create a grid with different blocks sized and I was looking for something that allowed me to do that. Thanks a lot
  5. Hello! I just purchased the Tutorials application. I was wondering if Is there a away to have the Tutorials as a forum discussion/category without using the redirect option? I would love to have an entry in one of my forums that directly link to the Tutorials and hide it from the default main navigation. The only way I could do it is by creating a redirect forum, which adds the annoying "# of visits to this link" text. Thanks a lot
    It works as promised. The best plugin that could be created. I love it! Highly recommended
  6. Not yet. I check almost every day and it still says 4.4. It's taking a lot of time to be processed
  7. First things first. Hopefully you are going through well through these rough months. Lots of positive energy! Stay safe!
  8. @Charlesthe new addition to edit the post title directly by holding the left mouse is awesome. It seems that there is a bug though. Where should I report it? I have problems using the Search function and this addition. When I use titles with a special characters like / the posts title will not appear in the search results I have titles like EUR/USD updates, AUD/USD updates... using the / in the middle of the word. I need those. Well, if I edit the post by holding the left mouse over the title, the newly updated title EURUSD updates and AUDUSD updates will not come up either 🙂
  9. It's even more worrying that the developer is staying so quiet! He should say something at least.
  10. Yes that would be a workaround but not when you have hundreds of them! If a service is build to charge members, the backend to manage those payments should also be built. There will be clients that have hundreds and thousands of payments. We just can't waste our time using the print function and then viewing the invoice, then generate the invoice and save it. There should be a function that allows us to download all invoices from a predetermined date range. Thanks a lot
  11. I'm a bit surprised by how the VAT module has been created and how the rates are being displayed in the backend. Wouldn't it be easier to have a dropdown with all the countries and then simple number field on the right side to add the VAT % corresponding to the country selected? Currently, IPS has an enormous multiple country selection on the left side that fits in my 14 inches laptop, and that's only for one country selection. There is no way to know how many countries have been added with 20% VAT or 21% VAT. Europe has many countries with different VAT rates that need to be added.
  12. Thanks a lot. It's surrealistic to have a forum application that enables us to charge our members and then not provide a simple way to download all invoices to be delivered to our accountant. That tells me that they are programmers but they do not have in mind a forum owner that is making money with his forum and needs to provide the authorities with all the invoices. I am not asking for an accounting module, just a way to download all invoices within a date range and provide some filters. That's all! Thanks again
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