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  1. @Adriano Faria isn't that your app? I think a Club Owner charging membership is cool. BUT If the Club Owner could also sell say a Ribbon Wreath (quite popular right now i think) that his wife makes, I know he'd buy into the club deal. That's what we need right there!
  2. cool, i was hoping so. you don't have a guide on this. the link clicks out to FB developer. Thanks
  3. Works now. I enabled all the pertinent map apis. Don't know if this did it or if google is just slow. 🤷‍♂️
  4. @Joel R any ideas? Nevermind, it's working now. Maybe after I enabled all the apis? or google is just slow. Anyway works now.
  5. But then what? FB says their code needs to go in to the header section. Where is this on IC settings? I've yet to notice any place to add a header. Thanks.
  6. I checked the source code and it appears to be written correctly. At least the google api is in there.😉
  7. Any Ideas? Maps are working when you click on the map in the listing. Thanks in advance
  8. Once I finish setting it up and learning how to use Invision's Cloud Service, I see great things happening for my community orientated site. I have been testing other platforms and I think I have settled on Invision Community for CarHauler Community. There is no guest access right now and I have restricted the site to a specific email address that I own. This is the coolest feature, because it locks down the site to known people. Check again in the future, because when it's ready I will have "public" site front door. Great product, responsive team. I'm impressed. I look forward to becoming apart of the Invision Community! Feel free to chop and edit. Jason
  9. So you will be continuing development? I am beginning a new site and was sort of designing something like this when I thought, "let me check the market place." And found this. I can't waste my reputation on something that has no support. I may need a lot 😉 Thanks for a good looking app though, I will probably purchase on Friday.
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