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  1. https://invisionify.com/files/file/6-yellow-pages/
  2. Thanks, you can try it live in the demo thread. Worked with the majority of the vids I've tested, but on some it looks like embedding is disabled or something, but that can happen on YT too.
  3. https://invisionify.com/files/file/24-autoembed-odysee/😉
  4. The link is already in the code, you only need the {option}, which is the Insta-ID.
  5. It does, see screenshot above. What do you paste in the popup?
  6. V0RT3X666

    Mind Theme

    Just to clarify because it was already asked on our forum... it looks like the owner of the rights to this theme is still Heosforo, no matter if he's not active here anymore. For this reason we will neither upgrade it to future IPS versions nor offer it for download.
  7. Do they have something that does not already exist on YouTube?
  8. You can keep the original proportions, just don't show them. I mean if you have a pic in portrait, orientate it at the top and leave out everything that's not in the square. Or center the images, even easier.
  9. Looks like this, just bigger That's Pages but should be possible with Gallery images too. Pretty swamped at the moment, but maybe I find some time next weekend.
  10. Every Instagram post comes with an embed code. The code contains the link to the post about 2 or 3 times (I change all of them at once with the editor). You have to replace the ID at the end of the link with {option}.
  11. Facebook and Instagram embeds are not working at the moment, see here ...
  12. I hate contact forms, usually the first thing I deactivate. Simple infosite with contact details does the job too.
  13. Go to Instagram and copy the embed code of any post. In the code you will find the URL of the post too, for example https://www.instagram.com/p/CHgGzVBlhip/ Change that to https://www.instagram.com/p/{option}/ (multiple times). Edit other parts you don't want/need (like title, whatever). The go to Editor -> Toolbars -> Add Button. Use option and paste your edited HTML code. When you want to insert a post from Instagram, klick the new button and put the ID in the popup, in this case CHgGzVBlhip. The result looks like this ... That's how our forefathers did it before automatic embedding Like said this is only a temporary solution, but works just fine.
  14. If you really can't live without Instagram embeds, you could create a simple editor button as a temporary solution.
  15. V0RT3X666


    Yes, totally ok. A user can build and show his collection on his profile.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    With this plugin you can embed videos from xHamster automatically like YouTube. Get it for free as a part of the Black Friday sale 2020, later it will cost the minimum Marketplace price Warning: The site xhamster.com is NOT about hamsters.
  17. V0RT3X666


    You can use the build in fields for that. On our site we use clubs for featured games, so I simply put the link to the club in a field, looks like this https://prnt.sc/vfh4xi Of course you can use topics too and place the field in the sidebar or below the main content of the game. @Adriano Faria your Books application seems to have a cool feature called Bookshelf. How about some kind of button a user can click and add a game to his collection? Must not be such powerfull like the Bookshelfs, maybe just a profile tab with the games they own?
  18. https://flashmodding.com/index.php?/files/file/53-club-categories/
  19. No, you can get the latest version for 4.5 on his site.
    Great application. I'm already using the Movies app, so I knew this would be perfect!
  20. V0RT3X666


    IGDB is English only, but it's simply the best.
  21. Just install it via the Markeplace on your online testsite, download it from there and import it manually on your local install.
  22. Of course you can. As confirmed here in the forum by a staff member, a test installation does not need to be protected with .htaccess, the maintenance mode is sufficient.
  23. If there is no setting, just edit the template. Reminds me of this bug ...
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