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  1. Thx, didn't notice that in the dark theme, it is only used for that one club. In the default light theme it's displayed correctly.
  2. You can use reviews and/or comments. Also you can change the author of the record in the AdminCP. Both core features of Pages. The main reason why we have chosen Pages as the basis for this directory is primarily to ensure compatibility with future IPS updates. In contrast to a standalone application only minor adjustments will be necessary and the future of your directory is secured. We're still beta testing a little bit, but this will be availiable for purchase soon.
  3. {{if $club->id == X}} Your code {{endif}} I use it to change the general look of clubs. This is how default clubs look https://xboxhub.com/clubs/19-call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war/ And this is how that special club looks https://xboxhub.com/clubs/21-red-dead-online/
  4. A custom block with if club ID should work.
  5. I would use Pages instead, much easier to customize. In fact I already did that 🤣 https://demo.invisionfocus.de/yellowpages/ https://demo.invisionfocus.de/yellowpages/pc-hardware/ https://demo.invisionfocus.de/yellowpages/pc-hardware/one-company-r1/
  6. Looks great so far, I like the homepage blocks
  7. Install worked fine on latest 4.5.3, no 500 errors. But the plugin simply isn't working correctly, tried all settings (traditional and grid). It displays always all categories/forums in a grid https://prnt.sc/v206g9 And when I deactivate it in a theme it looks like this https://prnt.sc/v2062r
  8. It's free, simply set it up in your AdminCP. You only need 4.5 and an active license.
  9. You can fix that with some custom CSS. Try width 100% in class .video-js Result -> https://prnt.sc/v15qbe
  10. @Michael.J dunno if you noticed but there is an open support ticket on your site since seven days now. https://www.devfuse.com/customers/&act=viewticket&id=3135 Just close it, found a solution by myself.
  11. As user I prefer IGDB https://www.igdb.com/api Alternatives would be https://www.giantbomb.com/api/ https://api.thegamesdb.net/
  12. Just an OT-Question, after Books, Movies and Music are you planning something like this for Games too?
  13. Cool site, the style switcher really rocks! 👍
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