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  1. Hello @Adriano Faria, how about adding Google as Thumbnail API? It's fast AND free. The Link Directory from xenMade uses it. It also has the option if no thumbnail is uploaded, Google is used automatically as fallback. The images are fetched once via Google and then stored on the own server, so when you edit a link, you get a new thumbnail too. You can see it live on one of my XF sites https://mental-vortex.com/links/ Best Regards
  2. really nice addon, works fine too :) it would be cool if you could add a description field to affiliates too. best regards
  3. if you are using "Profile Backgrounds" by @TheJackal84 check out this post...
  4. very nice, works fine :) to use this with "Background Picker/Slideshow/Video" by @TAMAN just add this to your profile template... <style> .backstretch { display: none!important; } </style> best regards
  5. hello taman, how about adding an option to sort the uploaded images via drag and drop? would make this addon even more awesome :) best regards
    Fantastic addon, i really love it and the price is great too :)
  6. hello, can you please give me a hint where i can edit the background of the results in css? bimSearchBox sadly doesn't work. i use a dark style (chocolate), see screenshot and the white bg doesn't really fit. best regards
  7. Hello, is there a way to make the row above the header and navigation non transparent? Best regards
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