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  1. Thank god you live in the UK and not in Australia
  2. Sry, but that's not real masonry, just simple flexbox rows and a lot of images don't look "nicely" in your demo.
  3. To use this in Pages simply create a custom html block and copy the code from the template recentTopics in there. To hide it on the forum index, empty that template in your themes.
  4. Really nice plugin, works fine on the latest forum version :) It would be great if it could include club topics too 😉
  5. For everybody that doesn't want to wait until 'tomorrow', here's a little workaround, quick and dirty as usual 😉 Simply replace the language in your template bookmark -> global -> bookmark -> bookmarkLink with something like this... <i class="fa fa-bookmark-o fa-2x" style="color:green" aria-hidden="true"></i> The color is optional, in this case it's for a green theme with larger buttons. Because of the button size, I've added fa-2x, just remove that for normal font size.
  6. Really funny, because for me that would be anything but a cornerstone, just a nice little toy 😉
  7. Thx for the info. Already had an eye on that but $40 is a little bit expensive, when the only feature I need is just a tag cloud 😞
  8. Hi, sadly found another bug. This works only when active in ALL categories. With selected categories it doesn't filter anymore...
  9. Hello, it looks like this applications contains hardcoded texts and also missing phrases. Can you please fix that for a proper translation? Thanks in advance :)
  10. Thx, I'm running the latest version and can't find any setting to change this I don't mean the icon that comes with the tools menu...
  11. Hello @Fosters, I've got an idea for future versions of this addon. In most cases the bookmarks button doesn't really fit to the rest of the theme like here... So how about replacing it with a simple icon like this? Best regards
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