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  1. Almost one year later I gave it another try and it looks like I've found the bug. This addon DOES NOT WORK when your title field is set to unique. If not, everything seems fine. Tested on latest IPS version.
  2. Look at the screenshot, there is an extra category for html5 games and even the old Asteroids is installed. Or check out the Next Level Addon for the vBulletin-Version of IBPro. It's brilliant and can handle html5 and flash games. https://next-level-arcade.com/ibproarcade.php I only don't use it anymore because it's a pain ... to run vB4 on modern servers.
  3. I am really interrested in this too. I ran a vB4 arcade site for a long time with 20.000+ games and would really love to have some of them back. If you need beta testers, i would definitely help.
  4. Open httpdocs/applications/videos/modules/front/videos/index.php and move $tabs['new'] = array( 'title' => \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack( 'videos_tab_new' ), 'url' => \IPS\Http\Url::internal( 'app=videos&module=videos&controller=index&tab=new', 'front', 'videos_tab_new' ) ); below /* Setup index tabs */ https://prnt.sc/oy8n9d Btw I DON'T recomment editing addon files, do this on your own risk.
    A really awesome addon for a very good price, things like this should definitely be a core feature. Something like this would be a very good addition for clubs that don't have/need a forum too, like described in this topic...
  5. Sry for the late reply, but like said this feature isn't so important to me and I've got a big todo list at the moment. After some more testing it looks like this happens only in clubs with a reordered menu. [edit] In this club for example it's fine, but usually i use the topics as the front page.
  6. It's not unusual for CMS nowadays to have multiple categories for one article. Best example is WordPress which is the most popular content management system ever. I think it would be great to have such a feature in pages too.
  7. Hello, I guess I found something a little bug today. When I add a homepage to a club, I get two "Overview" pages ... The first one is the new homepage called "Overview" (I can't rename it). Then the new activity page and the last one is the old overview page that simply doesn't disappear. When I deactivate the homepage for the club it's all fine again. I have IPS 4.4.6 installed since yesterday and the latest version of this addon. Never used the homepage feature before, so I don't know if it's because of the update. No big thing at all, I can live without homepages, just a little bit strange. Best regards
  8. Would be great, thank you :) The WP image is a little bigger btw, I resized it with css in the rows template to 40*40 in that case..
  9. Sad to hear. I've played a little bit with the code, 40*40px wouldn't look so bad at all. Very quick and dirty and I don't get the correct images for each tutorial fetched yet...
  10. You're welcome :) @Fosters how about adding a feature to create projects and give permissions to single users, not usergroups? Just like on slack for example. You have your whole team on the board, but some have access to channel a and others to channel b and c or whatever. Would make a lot much easier and you don't need tons of usergroups anymore.
  11. Put something like this in your custom.css .cProjectIcon_pic { max-width: 48px; min-height: 48px; }
  12. Great addon, works really fine :) For future versions, how about adding an option to show the tutorial icon in the list of tutorials too, like this?
    Works fine on 4.4 too, thank you very much :)
  13. Thank you very much, update worked like a charme :)
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