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  1. OliverKapunkt

    Backstretch - Background Picker/Slideshow/Video

    Fantastic addon, i really love it and the price is great too :)
  2. OliverKapunkt

    (BIM41) Quick Search

    thank you very much, works fine :)
  3. OliverKapunkt

    (BIM41) Quick Search

    hello, can you please give me a hint where i can edit the background of the results in css? bimSearchBox sadly doesn't work. i use a dark style (chocolate), see screenshot and the white bg doesn't really fit. best regards
  4. OliverKapunkt

    Album Link Field

    same problem here, latest ipb version.
  5. OliverKapunkt

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Perfect, thank you very much :)
  6. OliverKapunkt

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Hello, is there a way to make the row above the header and navigation non transparent? Best regards