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  1. No. Why? I don't have Windows.
  2. Nice, a Red Dead site :) I've got one too https://www.red-dead-online.de/😉
  3. A little update, this one really rocks, much better than widgetbot. With this you are able to chat with your own discord account right from your website... and not as a bot like above. https://titanembeds.com/ Plus several embed themes to change the look a little closer to your forum and other nice features :)
  4. Seems to work fine in 4.4.9, just installed it for testing ...
  5. Hello @TheJackal84, it looks like as soon as a moderator account has restrictions he can't moderate in the chat. In this case mods don't have leader priviledes in all clubs, all other settings are default. https://prnt.sc/q7gns9 When I activate this setting again, chat-moderation is working fine. Can anybody else confirm that?
  6. That shouldn't matter when I select to show content "Only within Clubs".
  7. But please make the display optional. Some users might find this just disrupting.
  8. Another thing, when you use videos in clubs the club videos are shown on the main page (discover, trending) too, even when you're not a member of the club.
  9. Only photos but .gif work fine too. Videos would be great @Andy Millne 😉 And no, gallery is not needed.
  10. Exactly, I've already got the page but because of german laws it has to be availiable even when the site is in maintenance mode too. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/454582-imprint/?do=findComment&comment=2803368
  11. Hello, I know this is a very old topic, but I'm looking for something exactly like this but for the latest IPS version. I guess the old coreVariables.php is Application.php now and the constant is named define( 'ENFORCE_ACCESS', TRUE ); nowadays, but sadly haven't had any luck with this. Would be great if one of you guys can help me out :)
  12. Check out my last post in the support thread, I found the reason that caused the errors on my site.
  13. Good idea. Paid 20 bucks a year ago for a plugin that isn't availiable anymore
  14. That concept worked fine for Arcade Gold, Ultimate Flash Platform, Dragonbyte Arcade, ... Admins try the free version first and if the members like it they sooner or late upgrade to full too.
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