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  1. Hi, I don't know the plugin but it should be possible with a simple translation ... Now search for member or whatever and change it to what fits best to your site ... You could translate it in the frontend too, but this is the way I usually edit phrases.
  2. The frontpage with the tabs was a little tricky and we use some custom stuff a regular visitor doesn't notice on first sight too, but with such a great tool like Pages almost everything is possible 👍
  3. Such a layout isn't really complicated, in worst case you can hire somebody for that job.
  4. public function allowOfflineAccess( \IPS\Application\Module $module, $controller, $do ) { if ( $module->key == 'imprint' AND $controller == 'imprintpage' ) { return TRUE; } return parent::allowOfflineAccess( $module, $controller, $do ); } I am using this on my Imprint application.
  5. You can have a plugin tomorrow 😉
  6. Hi, thought that was a setting too but maybe that was just on another CMS. Anyway you could simply search and edit the templates...
  7. If you are not using the default theme you should always ask the designer directly, which in this case is @Ehren
  8. Hi, you should ask @TAMAN this is more some kind of theme issue.
  9. Already mentioned that in another thread. Why is such an important entry hidden but there is an own button for a single club that is totally off topic?
  10. Some more https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_iframe.asp
  11. Hi Andreas, you should switch from submenus to dropdowns. When the submenu bar is empty it's hidden automatically. And this is how to create dropdowns... This is what IPS is using, it's all build in.
  12. Working on some templates yesterday and had no problems with reverting. Fresh installation of 4.6.6
  13. I have taken a look at this, our standard authentication type is email only, but the converter setting still had email and display name optional.
  14. That is what it is doing right now, see my post above.
  15. Haven't tested, only noticed that the app throws an error as soon as the forum was deinstalled.
  16. Nowadays it's not only about forums anymore. On the site I used this addon I just removed the forum and replaced it with a database for the topics. For example I also have two other licenses with Core and Gallery only, one with Core and Pages and from at least one other license I am going to remove the forum application before I have to renew it too. What I mean is there are surely other clients around here too that don't use forums at all and focus on Pages, Downloads or Commerce only. Would be great if the addon could show fake users all around the installed community parts
  17. Sadly this doesn't work without forums
  18. A downloads button for the Marketplace would be great too. Now we have to open the menu first but we have an own button for a single club.
  19. Another question, on some of my licenses I want to cancel some applications too. For example I don't need downloads anymore and on some sites not even forums, only core and pages. So can I do that when I get the next invoice? As long as I have already paid for them I still want to use them/backup content, but when I renew not for those apps of course. In the client area I can only renew the whole package with all purchased apps and then it looks like it's too late.
  20. Like @Miss_B already said there are many reasons. Distributing files via the Markerplace has it's pros and cons - for developers AND users. I prefer not to offer all files in the MP, only themes. That's my decision and you have to respect that. In the end it's simple, If you don't like that just don't use the addons, I don't want to sell anything. Funfact: On my old XenForo site you can instant download all my addons and translations without signing up. The difference is they are abandoned after I left XF. They are no longer developed and no longer receive updates. If anyone still wants some of the old stuff he can get it, but on his own risk because I don't support them anymore.
  21. You can't compare this to those download portals. Every dev here that runs his own site and offers software and support (free or paid) does this for members only. That's exactly the same as you are writing only one line above that. The only difference is, you don't even have to pay
  22. You need an account to download here too.
  23. Pete left the invision community, but you can get the latest version of the addon here now ... https://invisionify.com/files/file/25-who-was-online-hours/
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