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    @MrFisc As been great at answering support requests via PMs (even for my silly stupid mistakes). Application does exactly what we need to do and allows us to give certain members the ability to remove TeamSpeak permissions via the website, without giving them access to certain perms on the TS itself.
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    itismejoey got a reaction from Kuba6850 in Rich Discord Integration   
    Overall, great app. I do have a few issues that I am hoping the creator can fix up.
    Would be nice to have a sync button for the member to press to sync their roles. That way if they are already in the server it'll just add their roles. Okay, I tested this after the fact... This works if they are already in the server, however you need to remove a role then add it back then it'll sync. An option, maybe in the ACP, to make it so if they un-sync their account they don't get kicked from the server (we allow visitors/unregistered members to join our Discord). I had more, but I forgot, but will update if I think of them.
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