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  1. I think we are having the same problem with our product setup. We can set up recurring payments, but evidently, they recur forever unless we go into each individual customer's purchase and set an expiration date. We would like very much to build into the product a set number of payments. (Field: How many payments) We've been told this is not possible. I'm not sure why. As our customer base increases, we are seriously considering other platform options, as it would be too easy to miss manually adding expiry dates for each customer. Charging the customer after the agreed-upon time is enough of a trust issue that we would soon begin losing return customers. Is this fixable?
  2. I am preparing to launch my store today, which contains a program that can be paid for all at once or quarterly or monthly. For that, I have five different products, differing by payment plan. I set these up on recurring payments, but then it occurred to me that there is no "end date" on these payments. Customers sign up for three payments or nine payments, but the payments will keep cycling automatically unless I manually stop them on my end. If I mess up on that, it doesn't do much for customer confidence. That’s a pretty big issue for me. I want this to be as automatic as possible, so I don’t have to manage each individual payment plan manually, but I’m afraid that presenting the customer with multiple steps creates a lot of frustration for them. (And also more set-up for me.) Any chance of “expiration dates” getting written into the code in the near future?
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