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    Go to your profile -> Edit Profile:

    Then go to the URL (example): ...index.php?/classifieds/store/1-adriano

    That's the Member Store in Classifieds.
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    Jimpeccable got a reaction from Chris15440 in Classifieds System   
    @Chris15440/ @tomwin So there's no way to get a members store for the current IPS and going forward?
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    Jimpeccable reacted to Lisownik in Themes Lis Koduje - News   
    Here I will send updates about my themes and my plans about future.
    This is not support topic! Support for my themes is here www.liskoduje.pl and via Private Message on IPS Community.
     Price now 30$ - after big update 35$
    I promised a great update for Vulpes, unfortunately I didn't have much time and I did not manage to, but in November I should update the theme.
    Here is my plan for Vulpes 🙂
    ACP Settings - 80% - theme include dark theme for ACP with some settings. - ready Articles - block with articles with 2 styles of view - ready
    Grid view

    Slider view
    Buttons - all buttons is possible to change with solid and gradients colors - ready Code Mirror - syntax is in 99% editable - ready Data List  - change all colors of data list items and turn on/off zebra striping - ready Big Footer - up to 6 colums, 4 sections with editor and 2 customs like article feed and social icons - ready Form Settings - a lot of settings of input colors, etc. seriously too many 😛 - ready Forum Nodes - change icons for forums, colors and custom themes per category forum (up to 3) - still working Front-End Details Colors and Front-End Colors - is seperated for two, like area background, etc. and details like badges, messages, etc. Guest Message and Slider - Slider with a lot of settings, sorting, article slides, etc. - ready
    Header and Navbar - a lot of settings and choices, like dropdown list or standard navigation, header background color, gradient, image,and much more - still working Popup & Menus - change all colors for popups and menus  - ready Widgets - Some settings for widget, like custom color for sidebar and other for main widgets - ready If you have and suggests tell me 😉
    Coming soon next news and updates.
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    Jimpeccable got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    @Adriano Faria - You are a beautiful human being
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    Hi Guys - Apologies if this has already been asked
    How do I remove the following field when they post an AD - "OTHER - List a telephone number or whatsapp"? I really don't want people circumventing and not paying outside the forum
    @Adriano Faria

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    @Adriano Faria - You have no idea how long I was looking for that - thank you
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    Jimpeccable reacted to Joel R in Clubs - How to setup paid membership on new club   
    I think it might actually be a membergroup setting to establish a paid club. 
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    Jimpeccable reacted to Mark H in Clubs - How to setup paid membership on new club   
    That's a setting in Clubs itself.
    ACP -> Community -> Clubs, Settings.
    Enable them, then save. More options will appear. Configure them, then setup the Group(s) permissions on the Social tab, Clubs section.
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