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  1. Hello @Pete T ETA for v4.4.x update ? I'm waiting for you to update. No rush
  2. Do you have a change log for 1.3beta ?
  3. I got "Site down or unavailable" error message again. Not by chance. @Nathan Explosion sent me a copy to check your plugin plz. Thank you.
  4. I've checked them already. Its sad that IPB doesnt have implementation for this issue. Its a worldwide service. There is not even a simple plugin/app that makes the Adsense implementation easy to everyone. I saw a Crawler Error on Google Console that i fixed. Let's see.....
  5. Thank you for that. I was looking for it, for ages !!! 😁
  6. Hello, I'm trying to add Google Adsense in my forum, but i keep receiving notifications from Google. What is going on ? I added a login to Crawler access (https://screenshots.firefox.com/eRnQqJCgB0YX8aUG/www.google.com) but why i keep receiving failure notifications i don't know. Anyone have manage to add Google Adsense and been accepted from Google ? Any guidance is really appreciated
  7. AdminCP > Customization > Themes > Haze 4.3.x > Miscellaneous > Custom CSS
  8. Hello, I noticed some minor design issues. Can you assist on fixing them ? Screenshots below https://screenshots.firefox.com/zaFXJRhloiZmR3On/www.appleaggelies.gr# https://screenshots.firefox.com/RsiIX8tOxrPzfKIa/www.appleaggelies.gr https://screenshots.firefox.com/NzNlGlV8vx2tZ6G3/www.appleaggelies.gr
  9. Hello, How can i hide the "Design by IPS Themes." link from footer ?
  10. Hello, I need to make same augments to the available Packages. I need to make one package with advert number limit. Example: a free submission package that a user can only post X adverts per week. I see only the option to set the duration of the advert. Any instructions ? Thank you in advance.
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