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  1. $29.99

    TeamSpeak Integration

    Works with select Cloud Hosting providers! 
    Integrate a TeamSpeak server with your community
    Display members TeamSpeak status on their profile. Caching available for this feature. Send global messages to TeamSpeak clients. Automatically sync TeamSpeak server groups. Supports the following: Member Groups Profile Fields (Select type only) Clubs Integrate a TSViewer as a widget. Multiple UUIDs for members. TeamSpeak Ban/Unban from within ACP. Edit the TeamSpeak Server information from within ACP. Manage member UUIDs from within ACP. Create and Restore (from) Server Snapshots containing current settings, groups and known client identities from within ACP. Sync forum bans with TeamSpeak bans (When a member is banned on the forums, they will be banned on the TeamSpeak as well) Option to require a TeamSpeak UUID in order to use the forum. Per group option available for this feature. Option to display a TeamSpeak UUID on the registration form. Support for Cloud instances of ICS. View a members TeamSpeak information in their ACP profile. Manually Sync a specific Member TeamSpeak Groups from the members ACP profile. Manually Sync a Group of Members TeamSpeak Groups who belong to a specific Group Association. Manually Sync ALL Members TeamSpeak Groups in the background. Automatically Sync all Members using a task at your desired interval Automatically Sync Members TeamSpeak Groups When: A Members Profile  is Edited A Group Association is Added/Removed A member or an Admin updates a Members UUIDs Feature Requests / Bug Reports
    You can create both feature requests and bug reports at the Issue Tracker Github Repository
    You can view the Project Roadmap there as well.
    Coming Soon
    The ability to link to a SQL database instead of using a query admin. This will allow people who have set their TeamSpeak server to work with
    a custom database much better performance from this application.  Integrate Reputation into the TeamSpeak Server TeamSpeak 5 Integration (once it's out) Notes
    If it is not already installed, you need to install the Socket PHP Extension to use this application. Detailed instructions on how to do so can be found here. Using with a Cloud Server It is not guaranteed that this application will work with ALL cloud service providers. Some have strict rules around firewalls.
    Your service provider must issue you a consistent public facing static IP address and have the ability to open outbound ports.
      Known Versions of Cloud Hosting that are not supported: Invision Power Services "Community in the Cloud" 
      In order to use this application with the cloud version of IPS, you need to follow these steps. Gather information: Get your forum IP address This is generally easiest by just pinging your forums (i.e. `ping myforums.com`) In some cases, pinging the servers will not work and instead you will need to get the OUTBOUND IP address for your server from your service provider as it may be different than the INBOUND IP address you will get when you ping your forums. For this example we will assume that the OUTBOUND IP of your forums is We will also assume that your teamspeak server IP is We will also assume that your teamspeak query admin port is 10011 Choose an outbound port to use (for this example we will use 9664) Contact your hosting provider and ask them to unblock the following: Outbound from to Open Connection Settings in ACP and configure the following. Bind Address with the IP of your forums. Bind Port with the outbound port you have selected. You should now be able to communicate with your TeamSpeak server.
      Application Tasks It is highly recommended that under System->Settings->Advanced Configuration you enable either `Use Cron` or `Use Web Service` for the Task Method and set it up as instructed. This way, your Tasks are not relying on traffic to your site.
      Adding your TeamSpeak UUID Members can add their TeamSpeak UUIDs by going to their member menu on the top right, and clicking 'Account Settings'. Their TeamSpeak UUIDs can be found under the 'TeamSpeak Settings' tab. Alternately, you can add this to the registration form. Additional Information
    You can access the TeamSpeak Query Admin class from anywhere using the following code.
    // Connect to the TeamSpeak Server // ( // If a connection has already been established // during this PHP execution session, the current // connection will be used instead of a new one. // ) if (! \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::connectIPS()) { $tsError = \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::$tsError; die($tsError); } // Example \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::$tsAdmin->clientGetIds("osNiXxOSdfgl5nVJdtBipg/a+E4="); (See http://ts3admin.info/manual/classts3admin.html for documentation)
    ts3admin.class by par0noid (License) Discussion Topic:

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  2. $20.00

    Grapply Chat (Beta)

    A chat application for Invision Community, integrated directly into your community!
    This is not an external embedded chat feature.
    Grapply Chat integrates directly into your community and its members, complete with administrative tools and theming capabilities!
    What is it?
    Grapply Chat gives your community the option to chat with each other from anywhere within your forums!
    Most of the existing chat applications for IPS (that I'm aware of) work using a widget or something similar, and generally center around a chat room or something of the likes. This application is specifically for Member to Member chat conversations. It also displays ANYWHERE on your forums, not as a widget but instead as an overlay to all pages.
    What's included?
    Chat with anyone in the community from anywhere. Block / Unblock members from chatting with you. Enable or disable Grapply Chat for specific member groups. View client chat logs from within ACP and download them as CSV, TXT and JSON. The ability to enable/disable Grapply Chat or just chat notifications for your account. The ability to manage your chat blocks from within Account Settings. A full list of online members. A search functionality to search members to chat with. Fully customizable themes using the Grapply Theme Generator so you can rest assured that Grapply Chat will line up with your IPS theme. What's to come?
    Coming Soon
    Member specific permissions. The ability to report a member and include a log of their chat. Customizable chat bots. Configure an external server to alleviate some of the stress that this application may put on your forum database. The ability to send images and other media including oEmbed content from within chat. Support for parsing emojis. Group messages. More to come! Other useful information
    Important Notes
    Grapply Chat is still in its early beta phase, these features may not perform with the stability you will expect, but future iterations will improve on them. This application may have an undesired performance hit on your forums due to the amount of requests required for it to operate. To alleviate this, you can try to raise the Client Refresh Rate in ACP to help with this. In the future, there will be an option to use a secondary server dedicated to chat processing to help alleviate this. This application is not yet optimized for mobile, and as such will not display on mobile devices. Feedback
    I would greatly appreciate feedback while this application is in its beta phase. This is how I will tailor it to fit your needs. Please leave any feedback in the forum topic for this application, or feel free to send me a PM.

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  3. $5.00

    Messenger Downloader

    Give the members on your forums the ability to download their messages!
    Download message threads in JSON and HTML formats Bulk download all of your threads at once Customize the HTML markup for the downloaded file from within ACP Enabled / Disable HTML and JSON downloads individually Coming Soon
    Custom formats along side HTML and JSON Select which fields are included in downloaded data Selectively download multiple message threads at once Browse and download any members messages from within ACP. The ability to archive your messages. The option to email instead of download (or both). Enable/Disable messenger downloads on a per group basis. More to come.

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