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  1. And if I have tables of MyISAM and InnoDB types in my database, will the MyISAM types also affect the changes?
  2. Will this command change row_format for all tables or only for those with row_format = compact? Otherwise, I have tables from other cms in my database...
  3. In this plugin, the forum member himself chooses the excluded topics, but I would like to configure search exclusions in the admin panel. Are there any analogues of the plugin for the administrator?
  4. Hello! If selected "Instead of member name" in "Link position", then everything works well in the full version of the forum, but in the mobile version, when you click on a nickname, you go to the person's profile, and do not mention him ... IPS Default theme
  5. Do you plan on expanding chat functions in the near future, taking into account the wishes of the participants in the support topic?
  6. Moreover, besides the possibility of inserting a nickname into the response form by clicking the mouse (for example, the @ sign next to the name), it would be very convenient to be able to quote messages from the chat window (a window for quoting would appear when selecting a fragment) ...
  7. In the admin panel settings add the ability to select the form of sending messages. Either with or without a visual editor, with the send button immediately after the message input window or the enter button. Or maybe there is some technical way to send a message from the current form of sending messages, but by pressing Enter, not on Ctrl + Enter. Java, Ajax?
  8. Some visitors of our community do not know how to press such a complex key combination 🙂 Therefore, it is better to give them a choice - ctrl + enter or just enter...
  9. That helped, thanks! Another wish for chat: I would like to be able instead of the standard form of the editor to send messages to include a simple window that works with the "Enter" button to send written...
  10. Also, in the Elegant style from IPSFocus, the chat window in Pop Up mode does not expand. I think that this can also be corrected by writing unique CSS styles for chat.
  11. I would like to be able to customize the appearance of the chat in future versions. Or to register in the unique CSS code for chat to them could be adjusted via custom.css For Example, I cannot change the look of msgRows and msgRowsCompact chat without affecting the CSS properties for the entire forum, because global html is used .ipsApp .ipsBox:not(.ipsWidget) .ipsBox, html .ipsApp .ipsTabs_panels .ipsBox, html .ipsApp .ipsDialog > div .ipsBox ---and - -.ipsBox, .ipsPageHeader, .focus-topic-compact .focus-topic, .ipsPager, .ipsWidget, .ipsBox_alt, #comments
  12. It's not very convenient... I would like to be able to paste the name by clicking on the nick...
  13. Hello! And how can you make that when you click on a nick nick was substituted would be in the message?
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