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    This is just what we needed to boost registrations, while also giving potential new users a "preview" of content on our forums. I was going to code this utility if it did not exist, but I searched on the marketplace and found it. You went above and beyond, it works perfectly. Easiest purchase of my life, thank you! I also had to make some slight template/CSS related changes to get rid of the error code, but it was simple, so you still get 5 stars. If anyone reading this does not want to go through the "trouble" of making some CSS related changes, you can alternatively look in your Language settings in ACP and find the string for "Oops!" and change the value to a blank character. Hacky, but will do the trick if you aren't comfortable making template/CSS changes.
    One of the best dark themes of all time, going back to the IPB 3.X days. This is very nostalgic for my community. We love it and thank ipsfocus for continuing to maintain this theme long into 4.X
    A perfect integration tool between your community and Discord. The magic invite system is exciting because it means I can require people to join my Invision community before joining my Discord server. The auto assignment of roles is great, but for me the best part is the seamless notifications when new topics are created. While this can be accomplished with free Discord RSS bots, you don't get the power of permissions. An easy 5 stars, thank you for making this.
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