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  1. This is a great, missing feature, and reviewing the changes between 4.4 and 4.5, it seems IPS agreed. This is now core, out of the box functionality, so this plugin is no longer required for 4.5, however for those running 4.3 or 4.4, this is a must. Almost completely eliminated automated spam coming in as support requests.

  2. Good concept, but execution is lacking and support is difficult to obtain. Developer is very nice, yet has consolidated all support requests for their products into a single thread, making it challenging to filter through support requests for the product you're interested in. Product will work beginning at the moment it is installed and does not look at accounts created prior to install until those members log in again post install.

    Sorting logged duplicate accounts by the various columns provided does not work in the moderator CP. There's no integration with a member's profile when a moderator views a member (for example, a way to see all alt accounts from the member profile would be wonderful), and no integration with the ACP's member view (no data about duplicate accounts shown in ACP, other than a repeat of what is seen in the Mod CP). It would be nice to see indications when looking at a member's profile on the public site for moderators and in the ACP for administrators. Sometimes blank accounts appear as duplicates, and there's no real way to drill into the logged duplicates other than reacting when a new notification appears of a duplicated account. The order appears by who has logged in most recently using a duplicate account and that's it.

    Lacks integration with IPB device data. In ACP, you can drill into a member's devices and see those that are shared with other accounts. It would be nice to use that data as another detection metric in this application.

    This could easily be a highly rated plugin with some UX love and tweaking. It skirts by as is, filling a need with a partially implemented hack that feels more like beta software than a robust solution. Would love to see this developed more to fully consider different use cases, such as review by moderators and staff in scenarios that aren't reactionary to a notification of a new duplicate member.

  3. It would be great addition to allow moods to be recorded and displayed over time in a calendar view. "Essentially a log of how was I feeling."

    Even better, would be a way for members to allow others to turn on/off the ability to display this calendar view for others (similar to the profile visits tool).

  4. Works for replies on 4.4.9, yet note that it will not create a notification on ticket created/opened by a staff member. Missing that little bit to make it a full solution for us.

    Edit: It turns out new tickets will create a notification, however only if you keep "send e-mail to user" checked when creating the ticket.

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