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  1. No worries--just wanted to make you aware of the issue.
  2. This account only has access to parts of Commerce, and nothing under members, yet the Members area appears, with a menu item for Member Notes. When clicking on it, they see the following:
  3. Hi Adriano, I noticed that if no access is granted to an administrator group in the ACP for this application, the administrator still sees the member note icon upon login to ACP, and when clicking, gets an error that no access is available. Expected behavior would be that the icon should not appear if no access is granted similar to any other ACP permission.
  4. That seems a bit out of scope for this add on, yet here's something that claims to do this: Though, it seems that add on also blocks disposable emails using a different mechanism. @Makoto's version uses Kickbox, while the one above uses valdator.pizza.
  5. No worries. UX improvement would be nice. No need to implement any of these things if you don't find them useful, though I think they have universal benefits. If it's a single bookshelf, it should be a toggle (i.e. "Turn off/on my personal bookshelf"). Right now there's a "Add bookshelf" button, giving you the ability to choose a name, which suggests you'll be able to add multiple. Confusing for the end user.
  6. For a use-case, consider Goodreads, a web site that works similarly to how this might. In their implementation, users can create multiple bookshelves that they give different names. This is a popular site for avid readers. One member's example: It essentially enables additional curation of the collection. You might be interested in featuring a particular collection (bookshelf) by one member. They additionally have lists, which are another way to collect books. A book might be in multiple lists, and lists can be voted on, reviewed, etc. Things like the Best Books for New Moms, or
  7. We continue testing this. How does one create multiple bookshelves? Is it just one bookshelf per member? If so, would you consider adding multiple bookshelves per member? Also, depending on how this is set up, a book could, in theory, have multiple categories (non-fiction, mystery, politics, etc.). We were hoping to work around this by using bookshelves instead, yet it's not apparent how to add additional bookshelves.
  8. I'd say that there is likely a 50/50 split between spam registrants that are simply trying to create a profile with links in an attempt at SEO or link count nonsense as compared to those that actually attempt to post. There is a need to be able to moderate links in profile fields. We turn off profile viewing to guests as one way to mitigate against this, but it's less than ideal.
  9. The ability to edit in the approval queue would be wonderful.
  10. Thank you for this. We operate a site that is similarly sized to the one you are associated with, and have had similar suspicions. We had far better success at addressing the issue by focusing our efforts on the source of registrations. For us, the majority of spam registrations came from particular network segments once we looked at the ASN associated with known spam registrants. We used our CDN's firewall feature to handle those registration attempts and have quite significantly reduced the number of spammers getting through. It's mostly a rare occasion now.
  11. Just for clarity, @Adriano Faria: We see this error upon clicking the 'Create a Bookshelf' button--not when attempting to save a new bookshelf. I see a modal window appear for a moment and then straight to the error message.
  12. No, this table has one record with a books_shelf_id of 1. The values match your attached sql INSERT statement.
  13. See: https://developers.google.com/books/docs/v1/using#RetrievingVolume Looks like you're grabbing thumbnail, but they have smallThumbnail, thumbnail, small, medium, large, extraLarge as results. Something on the larger side would be nice (or configurable, for those concerned with storage constraints of the images). While this would be nice, I meant it more as a manual click to conduct the existing single ISBN search rather than on losing focus for the ISBN field, and an explicit "No matches found" message to let the user know that a search was both performed, and no results came
  14. Another thing we noted, that it would be nicer to take a larger version of the cover other than the thumbnail from the Google API. When clicking on images where the cover came from the API call, we have a tiny version compared to the larger versions from manual uploads in testing. I see this is hardcoded in the API call, but that Google provides options for other sizes. It also might be nice to have an explicit search option, where the user presses a button to search against the Google API (rather than as a surprise when losing focus on the input). From a UX perspective, it's not app
  15. books_bookshelves is empty, with no records.
  16. Nope. We have not made any database modifications.
  17. @Adriano Faria, when trying to create a bookshelf, we get the following error: OutOfRangeException: (0) #0 /path/to/ips/applications/books/modules/front/books/bookshelves.php(27): IPS\Node\_Model::loadAndCheckPerms(1) #1 /path/to/ips/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(101): IPS\books\modules\front\books\_bookshelves->manage() #2 /path/to/ips/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #3 /path/to/ips/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #4 {main} Also, it would be nice if you trimmed the ISBN input before hitting the Google Books API to remove l
  18. Thanks for the insight, newbie LAC. I don't understand what it is, or why it exists. It has untranslated strings, and it is turned on without granting it access, potentially exposing privileged information about advertising campaigns and impressions without any advance indication it would do so. I'd encourage you to reconsider turning on something like this only as an explicit opt-in.
  19. This application creates a page that is available to anyone by default with statistics involving ad impressions. Why is this a thing? I don't see it documented anywhere. For those of you with it installed, check your FURL configuration. Disabling application access via permissions is a workaround, yet why is this here?
  20. There are some issues on mobile, where the text overlaps in the list of categories on the main page. Would this be something you'd be able to correct, @Adriano Faria?
  21. @Morgin for president. Actually, if not already, this should be a setting that can be toggled as available for as long as the edit window is open.
  22. I'm not sure the laws of one place apply to the jurisdiction of another. If Ireland decides to make it illegal to have a cartoon sheep as an avatar, would I be breaking the law and risk fines as a US citizen in New York, on a web site run by some guy in a shared office space in Virginia? That said, this, the communication of this as an upcoming change, and the eventual implementation of this was, to be kind, less than ideal, and not only from a "I paid for this, give it to me" situation. We've discussed this at length here when it happened from multiple perspectives, yet understandably, t
  23. This is a fantastic addition, and we were actually beginning development on this as an extension to the suite. Our use case is exactly the type of case as in the example included in the announcement. What would be a wonderful feature (if not already included) is the ability to set a particular forum in such a manner that the thread author is always anonymous (either by default, or by enforced policy), including any replies.
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