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  1. Hello I'm looking for the theme files folder, before I had it in / httpdocs / Theme / ID And now, no matter how hard I look, I can't find the file since the update. Where have they been moved?
  2. Hello, and thank you for your answers. I omitted a detail, this problem occurs when sending video file. Photo side no problems. My server is well configured, and the member groups too, I recheck in case something got out of my way.
  3. Hi, Since the upgrade to 4.6.2, my community has a recurring error "Error code -200", if I understood this error correctly it is the upload limit reached !? Out, my server is configured with the following data: (Dedicated Plesk server on OVH) > Memory limit = 8192M > Max execution time = 1440 > Post max size = 8192M > Upload max filesize = 8192M Before the upgrade we were able to send files up to around 500MB, usually not exceeding this limit I left the configurations. Now my communities are limited a bit randomly, (from the same group), 20MB, 50, 120. 120 MB being the maximum value they can send. How can I unleash this upload rate? Thank you for your help
  4. Hello I am migrating my PHPBB 3.2 forum to IPS Community 4. I was advised to use Cron for the conversion to be done correctly. It's been over 45 minutes that I look at the advanced, and for example on private messages, in 45 minutes I converted 5000 messages (65k left...). Is this normal? Note that on the monitoring of my server, I use barely 10% of the power, ram 10% too, and apache / mysql 30% approximately. Should I continue with Cron or do you have any advice to give me? Regards, Sandrine
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