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  1. Thanks, @Nathan Explosion. I almost tried this, but I wanted to make sure it was the right approach before I did it. I'm so happy it turned out to actually be this easy.
  2. Hello, all, Our forum is a paid member benefit for our professional organization. Occassionally, members' paid accounts will lapse for one reason or another. We're not using any sort of single sign on (SSO) at the moment, and unlikely to implement that anytime soon. I would like to do the following when a paid account lapses: Remove the Member's Ability to Access Any Part of IPS. Even logged in, I don't want them to be able to see anything. Retain the IPS Account. It's possible that a lapsed member will become active again, so I would like to preserve a suspended account so it can potentially be reactivated later. Allow Members to Continue to View Posts from Suspended Members. Ideally, removing a member's read/write access to IPS would leave their existing posts in place so as to preserve conversations that have already happened. Is there any way to do this with the core IPS software? With a plugin/app? Thanks!
  3. Users have to configure their notification settings to take action when they're added to a club.
  4. Hello, I'm curious if it's possible to create a custom feed from the community calendar and export it in the forum and publish it as an iCal file. What I would like to do is create an iCal subscription thing that only covers a certain subset of events in the main calendar--for example, all events in Texas. Is this possible?
  5. Sorry to create more work for you. ? Invision had to make some changes to the core database as well to account for our member numbers being in the trillions. I think some of those changes were included in the latest IPS update.
  6. Thanks for this info. I had set up a tiny test group (just me) and was trying to get Newsletters sent to that before I blasted everyone. I wanted to make sure everything was working first as far as formatting and content. I'm opted in to receive emails, as well. I've gone ahead and switched it to Opt-In mode. Now that this has made me stop and think about it, I think I like this configuration better than mailing new members by default. I see the Newsletters tab on my profile's settings page, and I tried to opt-in. However, I now get this error: We initially imported member info from our previous platform (Yahoo Groups), which accounts for my bizarrely high member ID number. I'm not sure what the PRIMARY key is in this context.
  7. @HeadStand, Hello again. I tested this a bit more, with members belonging to my beta test group both as their primary group and their secondary group, and I never could get the subscriber list to populate. I didn't see anything in the manual that indicated I was doing something wrong. I've attached some screenshots, showing the settings for this particular newsletter, the subscriber list, and the member list for the Feature Beta Test Group I'm trying to distribute the newsletter to. I feel like I'm missing something obvious.
  8. Thank you for patching this so quickly. I'll check the subscribers thing out this morning. I defined a separate "test" user group and right now there's only one subscriber. Maybe there's an off-by-one error of some kind? I also noticed the version number didn't seem to change with this update. It's still at version 2.0.1. (There are now two version 2.0.1 files available. I think the marketplace may have glitched.)
  9. Hello again, I've now published a test newsletter, but I just got a "Delivery Failed" notice, informing me there were no subscribers. That surprised me a bit since I designated a test group to receive the test newsletter, so I went to look at the "Subscribers" page in the newsletter settings. I received EX1054 with the following traceback: My IPS Kung Fu is weak, so I have no idea what could be causing this. I'm guessing it's looking for an "Array" column in a database, and that column does not exist?
  10. Thanks! I'm noticing one odd issue as I test. When I toggle on "Include Number of Comments" for a Topic type Content, I'm seeing one more comment than should be present. That is, threads with no comments indicate "1" comment when using the Test Distribution feature. I just turned that off for now. It's not really something I need since I'm showing the full text of entire threads anyway, but I wanted to mention it in case it's not supposed to do that.
  11. @HeadStand, Hello again. I'm setting up a test letter now. I haven't tried to test anything yet, but so far so good. Thanks for actual manual included with the software. It's awesome. I had a quick question. If I'm inserting Topic-type content, and ask it to draw from a category (i.e.: one of the categories that forums are listed under on the main Forums page of IPS), will that capture the topics from all the forums belonging to that category? Or do I need to list off the individual forums? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! We would definitely test it thoroughly with a small group before rolling it out to everyone.
  13. @HeadStand, Hello! Thanks so much for all the hard work you've put into this. I've not purchased yet, but I can tell from the Marketplace page and the discussion here that it's a really complex app code-side. Your update speed and customer service is super-impressive. I'm looking to purchase this for a ~300-400 member private community (professional organization) that just migrated from Yahoo Groups. Most of our members were set up to get daily digests from Yahoo that contained a table of contents at the top with every single post for Time Period X (daily or weekly). Clicking the link would get you a full text copy of the post inside the email, so you never had to go to the website if you didn't want to. Can I replicate that with Newsletters? This is the one thing people miss from Yahoo--the ability to see all content without ever leaving the daily/weekly digest email. I looked through the pics in the thread but didn't see anything focusing in on the full-text messages. (Our membership and traffic is small enough that the emails are a managable size. Maybe 30 posts a day max, usually. Often less. We use the default IPS mail stuff.) Thanks!
  14. Hello, We've got a lot of members using daily notification emails at the forum level to keep up to date with various sub-forums. Since we're migrating over from Yahoo Groups, one of the most repeated requests I get is to have all the new messages in a forum appear in the email--that is, not just the initial message in a new topic with an indicator of how many replies exist, but all the messages. Yahoo Groups does this now with its email digests, with a hot-linked table of contents at the top listing every message in the digest and allowing the user to navigate the the message(s) they want to see just by clicking on the message subject in the list. Is this feasible to do either as a core feature or a plugin?
  15. Hello, Thanks for re-releasing this. ? Is this the only way to enable auto-following one's own posts/threads the user comments in for new users? I've been searching for a way to change the default behavior for a while and I'm kind of stunned it's not baked in to 4.x.
  16. Okay, don't ask me why I thought I had to have validation turned on if no outside parties can create accounts, but as soon as I turned that off it started working perfectly. Thanks! One feature request, if I may: an option to designate all existing forums instead of selecting them from a list. Right now when I create a new forum I have to go in and adjust the forum follow list. It would be great to automate that. This is a great plugin. This and Bulk Followers helped make our move to IPS far more frictionless than it could have been. Thanks again.
  17. @Adriano Faria, Thanks for the video. I'm using 1.2.0 on IPS 4.3.x. What counts as validation for users created in the Admin console by an Admin? What validation settings should I use to make sure validation triggers for the purposes of this AFC 1.2.0?
  18. Thank you so much for putting this on the agenda for the next version. Right now I'm running the Bulk Followers Management plugin every time we add a member, which is wonderful (I used it to set follow preferences for 350 members at once when we first set up--it saved me incalculable time), but I'm looking forward to being able to automate this process, especially since I'm not normally the person in charge of adding new member accounts. Thanks again!
  19. Hello, @Adriano Faria, Thanks for your reply, and please accept my apologies for the PM. I'm still learning my way around the Invision Community site, and I PM'd before I found this thread. Is there any combination of settings that would allow the plugin to work on a new user account that has to be approved by an admin? My issue here is that our forum is completely members-only. There is no public portion. So, we cannot allow unapproved sign-ups. At some stage in the process the new member has to be checked against our organization's membership roll before they have viewing/posting access. Thanks again!
  20. I sent this message to @Adriano Faria by PM as well, but I wanted to post it here in case anyone else was also experiencing this issue and had any insight. Hello, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your hard work this great addition to IPS. Our forum has a large number of users, and we have quite a few sub-forums they need to be automatically subscribed to. This is exactly what we needed. I have a question about using Auto Follow Content with new accounts created in the AdminCP. Our organization's forum is private, only accessible by members, so one of the admins has been creating all new user accounts directly in the Users tab of AdminCP. The public sign-up link is disabled. I set up Auto Follow Content and created a new test account in the AdminCP, but the new test account isn't auto-following anything. I believe this is because when the admins create accounts by hand they aren't technically being validated. Then again, I also had the same issue when I enabled the sign-up link and set it for the simple sign-up option with admin validation. I'm not seeing automatic follows for the test user in either configuration. Am I missing something? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks! Sincerely, John T Davis
  21. @bfarber, Quick followup to this: he tried it from home and it didn't work, either. Turns out all his computers--home, work, phone--have to comply with the workplace security policy. Thanks for your help with this.
  22. @bfarber, Thank you for confirming that. I sort of suspected that was the case. Would a complete lack of cookie functionality result to in an "invalid user/pass" error, or something else? I ended up resetting his password 3 times before he mentioned that he couldn't use cookies and I began to suspect that was the real issue. Member wants to access but work, but work requires ALL cookies be disabled. I'm used to more modern security policies that just block 3rd party ad cookies and FB tracking and such. It never occurred to me that this might be an issue. I've asked him to test login from home. If that works, it should confirm that it's the workplace security policy.
  23. Hello, I've got a single user on our forum that cannot log in from his work computer. I've reset his password and verified it works by using it to log in to his account myself (and then telling him to change it again), but he can't get in. He gets an "incorrect user/password" error. I'm pretty certain this is something on his end, so I asked him for more details. Turns out he's on a work computer that cannot accept cookies at all. I don't know the plumbing of IPS4 that well yet, but I could imagine that this could easily kill the log in authentication system. Is that possibly what's going on? Is there anything I can do about it, or will he need to use a different machine? Thanks!
  24. @bfarber, thank you! I think this will do exactly what we need.
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