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  1. @HeadStand Thanks so much for working on this update, especially in such a wild time. I saw your message from April and hope that you are doing well and things have calmed down a bit even in the midst of the current human malware crisis. I've also discovered that my newsletters are still going out as they should, and I can apparently still change the subscription settings in my user's Account Settings (not sure if those changes are effective, but will know later today). I just can't access the admin controls. Thanks again!
  2. Update: I did see that digest emails were sent this morning, and on first glance they appear to be working. So I cannot interact with it via the admin console, but at least it's still chugging along from what I can see. 🙂 Thanks again for your help.
  3. Are there instructions for that somewhere? There must be, but I can't find them.
  4. Thanks for reaching out. I hope they don't think I'm being pushy about this. I only posted here as well as on the support thread in the (vague, likely dead-end) hope I just needed to tweak something on my end. 😛 Indeed. Both my 3rd party apps/plugins were auto-disabled. I had to manually turn them back on. I've let our members know the daily digest is temporarily unstable and may or may not work, so I'm not going to worry about a full restore right now. Especially since I don't know when the last backup was taken. 🙂
  5. @Lindy & @Rhett: Thank you for your replies. I'll follow up with the developer and if necessary look into my restore options. Is it possible to restore to an older version without losing content posted since then? EDIT: Also, is it possible the plugin's automated tasks will still run even though I can't get at it through AdminCP, or is the new security model likely to block those as well? (I'm guessing yes.) Thanks again!
  6. I posted a message on the add-on's support thread earlier tonight. Could something have changed with 4.5 that might have blocked the plugin from being able to access the database? I read the release notes on the update notice that was up at the top of the screen when I logged in, and nothing seemed to indicate that sort of change, or I would have been more cautious. Perhaps I misunderstood something? Thanks for your help!
  7. I did not make a backup, unfortunately. I've never actually seen anything in the settings that would let me do that. Are there instructions somewhere? The good news is the update automatically disabled all my plugins. The issue popped up when I re-enabled them. This plugin manages the forum's once-a-day, full text email digest with new content, for about 450 people. I've posted up a notice that the email digest is temporarily offline due to glitch, but I'm hoping there's a way I can get it going again.
  8. Hello, After updating to Invision Community 4.5 when the popup appeared at the top of my forum, I'm getting an ominous error when I try to interact with one of my plugins. Is there some way I can fix this or roll back to 4.4.10? I would not have done this update if it had been more clear it might knock out critical plugins. The release notes did not suggest that at all. Thanks!
  9. @HeadStand, Hello! I hope you're doing well. I just upgraded to Invision 4.5, under the mistaken impression from reading the changelog that it was a relatively minor under the hood optimization sort of update. EDIT: I would not have updated to 4.5 if the release notes had been more clear about what a major change it was. I'm now getting an ominous error when I try to interact with Newsletters in the AdminCP. I've never seen this before when updating a plugin. Is there something I can do on my end to try to fix it? It says it's some sort of permissions error. Did this happen to anyone else?
  10. @Adriano Faria, is this version 4.4 compatible?
  11. Just wanted to verify that you're referring to Version 1.2.3, and I didn't miss an update somewhere. Thanks!
  12. @HeadStand, Good morning. I am indeed listed as a subscriber when I choose Subscribers under the triangle menu. I switched it back to HTML and it is working as expected again. Odd...
  13. Hello, @HeadStand, Thanks for your reply. Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. I've tried the troubleshooting/testing items you requested. The Preview (Plain) button shows a correct plain text preview. The Test Distribution (Plain) does work. According to the Back Issues, 0 Plain-Text newsletters were sent, with 2 plain text subscribers. All HTML subscribers received emails. Please let me know if you need more info or for me to try something else. Thanks again. 😄
  14. @HeadStand, Hello! Thanks so much for the new update. I'm seeing one odd bug right now: when a user (me) has chosen to receive plain text newsletters, the newsletter fails to send. I still get the nightly confirmation email telling me the newsletter has been sent to all subscribers. All I have to do to fix it user-side is flip the toggle back to HTML. I'm just using the built-in email sending module, not a third party add-on like SendGrid. Please let me know if you need additional information. Thanks! 😎
  15. Thank you for your reply. 🙂 I'm just using the default mail sending features built into IPS right now. I'm not really familiar with SendGrid. I would be extremely surprised if the entire forum ever routinely broke 50 posts a day--though that might happen a few times a year during events. We've got almost 400 members, and in the 4 months the forum has been open our busiest day saw 27 posts. So, about 15 posts a day on average?
  16. @HeadStand, Hello. I hope you are doing well. I'm not sure if a notification properly fired off for the above message, so I decided to quote it again. Have a great evening.
  17. Hello, Right now when a user follows a forum and asks for a daily or weekly email with all new content from that day/week, the generated email contains the full text of the first new unread message in a forum thread, and an indicator of how many replies have been posted. The one feature my users have been repeatedly requesting since we moved over from Yahoo Groups is email digests with full text of every new message in the followed forum(s), arranged by thread, ideally with a list of topics at the top organized by forum, hot-linked to jump down to the full text of the post in the email. This is how the decades-old Mailman mailing list software works, as well as the Yahoo Groups email digest system for groups (though the Mailman system is usually plain text without hyperlinks). Higher Logic's Connected Community software is an example of a modern forum platform that provides this functionality--or at least, that someone wrote a plugin for that does it. @Rikki, is something like this on the product roadmap for the 4.x branch? One of the reasons we chose Invision when we migrated from Yahoo Groups was the availability of email digests, but it was not clear until we actually got things set up that full-text replies were not included in the generated emails. That was a bit long-winded. Thanks for reading. 🙂
  18. Hello, I have a couple of requests related to the Unread Content page. Item 1. Would it be possible to have the Unread Content page auto-refresh itself when new activity occurs? Right now, I get a notification added to the bell, but if I'm on the Unread Content page when something new happens, it doesn't show up until the page is refreshed. Perhaps there is some modern web API to push updates to the page dynamically without reloading the whole thing? Item 2. I would also like to be able to select certain items from the list of unread content and mark them as read, without marking everything as read. Often there are updates I don't care about seeing the details of mixed in with ones I want to come back to later. I'd like to be able selectively mark items as read and hang on to the unread items I want to read later. Thanks!
  19. @HeadStand, Hello. Thanks for the clarifications. I wanted to confirm that the app can't display reply text. I think I may have misunderstood your reply to my original question back on August 3, included below with question highlighted. You replied on August 3: Unfortunately, I really need the ability to include replies in full text--that was motivation for my purchase of this module. My users want to be able to see all the messages in a given topic thread for the last 24 hours in their daily email. Is the custom modification technically feasible, or does the API not allow access to full threads? Thanks again.
  20. @HeadStand, Hello! When adding a "Forum" content block, what's the intended difference between "Recent Content" and "Recently Updated Content?" I'm thinking if I want the newsletter to feature all content from the last 24 hours, including both new posts and replies to existing posts, I should be using Recently Updated Content, with a cutoff of 1 day. Is that correct? EDIT: Right now I'm just getting the first message from each thread with an indication of the number of replies displayed. I need to be able to pull in the actual full text of the replies.
  21. Hello, I help administer a forum that is only accessible to paid members of a professional organization. Restricting the access allows for full candor on certain sensitive subject matter. I've had some users contact me with concerns that our Guest count as displayed on the "who's online" widget is more than 0. I've confirmed with IPS support that no guest can see anything but the login page no matter how they try to deep link into the site, so it's set up correctly. The Guest count is coming from people actively hitting the login page. To avoid ambiguity, I would like the option to exclude the Guest group from the "Who's Online" widget. Perhaps that could be extended to exclude members of any arbitrary group?
  22. Hello, The calendar application on my install is locked down to signed in Members-only, since our Forum is a paid member benefit provided by our organization. However, I would like to make the calendar publicly available--at least enough that anyone can subscribe to the ICS file. My problem is that when I make the app visible to guests, they can also see all the widgets with information like who is online. Since those widgets contain information on member names and topics, I can't let them be visible to guests. Is there any way to configure the Calendar application so that it is visible to signed-in Members with all widgets, but only visible to Guests without any widgets displayed? Thanks!
  23. Subscribing with my gigantic member ID values is now working perfectly. Thanks!
  24. Hello, Is there any way to format the subforum list underneath a forum so that the individual sub-forums are each listed on a new line? By default it is horizontal. I'm concerned some of our users might miss any forum that does not appear on its own line. Especially with some of our sub-forums, which have long names, it's a bit hard to read. Thanks!
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