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  1. I agree with most of the criticisms here; way too much whitespace. I understand some of the design choices were to allow other applications to insert bits of UI, but there should be better ways to approach it than "placeholders just in case". Discourse is a good example; I wish I had their UX but this backend .
  2. Should Blackjack stats be showing up in the "Gambling" section of the shop stats page? Mine isn't, but it would make sense to show it there.
  3. Something that allowed communities to run their own variation of a given tabletop RPG would be really cool. Character sheet with configurable fields RPG items (money, gear, consumables, spells, whatever) can be sold in the member shop Purchased items show as "inventory" on the character sheet Admins or moderators can "gift" items to characters Gaming happens by whatever mechanism the community owner prefers (forums or pages database comments) Something along those lines would be epic.
  4. I take this back. It's actually pretty easy to implement FA5 Pro with the kit they provide. There's a toggle for projects already using FA4 and it works great.
  5. Is IPS sticking with FA4? Seems like it would be more efficient to package their own limited set of icons and let people use their own frameworks if needed. FA6 is on the horizon now and it would be nice to use that without also loading depreciated icon sets on top of it.
  6. QFE. I will buy pretty much anything that extends the shop in a cool way.
  7. The two biggest things for our community would be: Alert people watching the entry when something is edited A per-database option to hold edits for moderation; the entry remains unaltered until a moderator approves it through the moderator area (the same way existing moderator approval functions)
  8. Came here looking to have this question answered also. It can likely be done playing with the record templates, but it's probably easier to get something usable by using a text field and adding a little custom HTML in the field display options. Less intuitive for the user but easier to get something done.
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