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  1. I don't see any reason why this couldn't function on self-hosted setups. I already use tools like Zapier to talk to my API...
  2. Is a post held for moderation not visible to the user who made it?
  3. I think something like what's described above would provide some interesting insights into our community and help us see patterns more readily.
  4. Same. I thought it was something I'd broken in a template.
  5. Every app should be able to include a gallery album, tag or similar. Most things are still very silo'd; lots of potential if things can start to interconnect more. Also, more photo ordering options. I have to be very careful in what order I select the images to upload so they appear in the intended order on the site.
  6. I agree with most of the criticisms here; way too much whitespace. I understand some of the design choices were to allow other applications to insert bits of UI, but there should be better ways to approach it than "placeholders just in case". Discourse is a good example; I wish I had their UX but this backend .
  7. Should Blackjack stats be showing up in the "Gambling" section of the shop stats page? Mine isn't, but it would make sense to show it there.
  8. Set pages as your default application Add your page for guests, set that as the site's landing page and add whatever content you like Create a custom PHP block with: header("Location: https://domain.com/forums"); Change the permissions of the block to only be visible to the Members group Add that block to your landing page
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